Testimonial for sale

Ask clients for authentic testimonials

Like many other social media entrepreneurs, my online marketing business is built on sharing good news about the brand, be it about myself and or the product via social media.

Just having me promote the products day after day as “amazing, life changing, best thing that has ever happened to me” is not enough. Of course I think they are amazing, blah, best thing ever, blah… what I really needed was others to share good news about the brand.

I needed client testimonials that I could share via social media.

With this in mind, I sent requests out to the loyal consumers of Atomy asking them to share their experience using Atomy products. Facebook Live makes it easy to share a video.  Youtube is available for those inclined to use it.  The responses varied from “I am shy” or “I am not tech savvy” or “I love the product: but…”

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Got rejected a few times and flirted with the idea of paying for testimonials

After a few rejections, in an effort to save time, I looked to Fiverr for paid video testimonials. I discovered it was super easy and super inexpensive.

But, the word fake kept haunting the process and in the end I was not able to pay for deceptive marketing. I was not selling my brand out for the easy way.

To build relationships with social media marketing one must build trust and be honest to the brand and product. The platform base in social media would have to be one of real and sincere consumers.


But the Dietitian from the Kennedy Health Institute said I would lose weight. She is wearing a lab coat… it must be true 

The testimonial for sale was forgotten until I came across this CBC article on Sanpan, an entrepreneur from Fiverr, that specializes in making testimonial videos. So busted.

CBC Marketplace news – Sanpan

“Dressed in a lab coat, a woman speaks to a camera and says she’s a licensed dietitian from the Kennedy Health Institute in Washington — and that the she has information on a “great and healthy” weight loss supplement. It’s a glowing testimonial. The problem? It’s fake. The woman is not a dietitian and the Kennedy Health Institute doesn’t exist.” CBC News- Marketplace

The lights are on companies that took or take part in the business of Testimonials for sale. This type of marketing instills a sense of skepticism within the consumer; making it even more difficult to compete with these polished testimonials that are totally fake.

No one is ever going to believe that our Atomy testimonials are true. How can they after reading that article? Thanks Sanpan…


How to spot fakers

The tone of the review: John Falcone, an executive editor of Cnet.com, says that: “a real review is typically more moderate in its praise.” Real Simple, How to Spot Fake Online Product Reviews. A fake review in most cases will have an exaggerated and hyped tone. If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably not true.

Example, I look 20 years younger when I use Atomy = fake review.

Sounds like a marketing brochure: Christina Desmarais, an Inc.com contributor, believes when a review sounds more like a marketing brochure, with so much product details and jargons, there is a high chance it could be fake.

Example, The advanced skin care set with Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute, special high purification technology and fermentation technology changed my life; making my skin look 20 years younger = fake review. #saidnorealconsumerever

Atomy Canada


How to report fakers, Competition Bureau

I was amazed when I discovered this website, Competition Bureau. Especially the Advertising Do’s and Don’ts, great information for any business. I’ve never even heard of this governing body, in place to police fake marketing!

As entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility to uphold advertising standards.

As consumers, we have a responsibility to be aware and report deceptive marketing.


In the end, force your family and close friends to do testimonials for free (just kidding)

It is clear that testimonials do not come easy. You have to earn them. One must build trust and strong relationships before consumers will agree to complete video testimonials.

The biggest call to action: share your power – make a testimonial if you like the product. Testimonials are the best marketing tool if done in earnest.

Have you ever completed a video for social media marketing? Or have you ever seen a video testimonial you suspected was fake?

  Testimonial for sale, fake testimonials exposed! wp.me/p3QRy0-fGG

 #fakemarketingforsale #sanpanlovesatomy  wp.me/p3QRy0-fGG 


Competition Bureau. False or Misleading Representations and Deceptive Marketing Practices. (November 2015) Website: http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/eng/03133.html

Demarais, Christina. How to tell if a review is fake, Techlicious. (August 2014) Website: http://www.techlicious.com/tip/how-to-tell-if-a-review-is-fake/ 

How to Spot Fake Online Product Reviews, Real Simple. Website: https://www.realsimple.com/work-life/life-strategies/fake-online-reviews

Szeto, Eric. Prolific video testimonial creator says there’s ‘nothing wrong’ with selling reviews, CBC news. (January 2017) Website: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/video-review-testimonial-marketplace-1.3953793



2 thoughts on “Testimonial for sale

  1. Hello –

    I enjoyed reading your post. Great research and information to back up your blog post as well!
    Good for you for staying loyal to your brand and letting the product speak for itself — happy customers tell other potential customers and that certainly helps to grow your loyal client base. I think as a consumer HONESTY is important to me, if I am considering buying a product and found out that the testimonial I watched was fake or paid for by someone who hadn’t used the product or didn’t actually care about the product it would make me suspicious about whether or not the product really could do any of the things they were claiming to help with.
    I also wasn’t aware of the competition bureau, interesting that this group exists, I think it is more and more important to have groups monitoring and governing what is being said as it is so easy for people to share online to a huge audience and it is unfortunate if people buy into a story or product that is misleading their customers!

    Best of luck with your business in the future!


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