Star Trek Continues: To Boldly Go…

Star Trek recently had it’s 50th anniversary.  That’s a very long legacy.  I recall being a fan of The Original Series during the 80’s when I was much younger seeing it in reruns. Then came The Next Generation which ran for 7 seasons.  I enthusiastically watched every episode when it came out.  Later on Deep Space 9 came out and I was a fan of that too.  Voyager came out after and I was just a young adult at this time and was getting busy so my Star Trek watching declined a bit.  I didn’t see every episode but more often then not I would watch it if I happened to have it tuned to the channel it was on and it came on.  Finally Enterprise which I watched very occasionally.  I didn’t really get into this series all that much.  A new series called Star Trek Discovery is set to be released sometime later this year.


Source: Google Image Search

CBS owns all licensing and property rights associated with any Star Trek series however has allowed certain fan made productions to be produced without a cease and desist order.  As such if you search Youtube and look up “Star Trek fan series” you will notice that quite a few results pop up.  With content distribution services like Youtube and the drop in price of filming equipment and computer aided special effects there are more of these fan series coming out frequently however they do vary in quality.  Some are high quality with Hollywood levels of special effects and some just are not worth your time watching and do not get the details right.

That is, until I came across one fan and volunteer produced series called Star Trek Continues.  The timeline during this series is that it picks up right where the last episode of The Original Series left off.  I was highly impressed with the level of detail to make it look and feel exactly like an Original Series episode.  The actors seem believable in their roles.  The sets are base off of blueprints from the original set.  The costumes, music, props special effects and lighting look like they match.  Production has been made possible through the hard work of volunteers and fans.  Also funding for the production has been made possible through crowdfunding campaigns and donations since it is against the rules to make a for profit fan film.  I am looking forward to every time a new episode is produced and it gives me a nostalgic feel since they managed to get the look and feel right.


Source: Google Image Search

Have you come across any Star Trek fan series that is worth a shot at watching?  Let me know in the comments.

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