Social media noise

“Does the noise in my head bother you?” – Steven Tyler, front man for the rock band Aerosmith

The title of Steven Tyler’s biography published a few years ago got me thinking the same thing can be asked about social media – Does the noise in my blog, tweet or Facebook post bother you?

Not long after starting this course I learned there is a great deal of social media noise out there. I’m not saying the noise is a bad thing, but it still overwhelms me at how many experts there are out there on every topic imaginable.

I guess for some, who post their opinion several times a day, it’s kind of therapeutic. It allows them to make the noise in their heads, heard, whether it bothers their followers or not. This reminds me of US President Donald Trump, tweeting whatever is on his mind in the middle of the night, leaving many on Twitter scratching their heads.

I’m  understanding a little more each day how useful social media is to business, law enforcement, marketing, media, politicians and political parties, and when it is used correctly social media makes for beautiful noise.

The part I’m having trouble with is taking the noise in my head and putting it out there for anyone to read.

One thought on “Social media noise

  1. Like a mothers hearing for her children You learn to tune out the noise and listen for what is important to you. The choice is still in our hands. Or should I say heads. Reducing noise is a good thing and quite time is import to us all. Thank you I can relate to your blog.

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