Procter and Gamble Almost a Memory in Canada

Procter and Gamble announced recently they are shuttering their Brockville Plant within the 2020 / 21 year.

The employees of the Brockville Procter &Gamble plant along with the local community of the Leeds and Grenville area were flabbergasted when the announcement was made that the plant was set for complete closure. As per the newspaper link listed below P & G had no intentions on closure but some downsizing would take place. How things can change so drastically ?

The City of Brockville has been working with the site to increase sustainability, making them more cost effective with plans to provide road and interchange improvements to allow improved logistics access to the P & G site which was to help them to be more competitive.

Brockville Recorder & Times Newspaper editorial link as per March 16, 2016.

Despite rumours March 16, 2016 Recorder & Times


Today the site is still the largest employer for the city with 500 full time employees along with contract P & G employees and numerous 2nd party contract employees. In the early 2000’s it employed approximately 1,000 full time not including the hundreds of contract personnel before losing the powder laundry detergent to the USA.

In 2016 the Brockville plant was awarded the highest award for safety, profitably and reliability for P & G North America. Making it the number one plant in North America. It just makes you think why would you close down your pride and joy and money maker? Then keep the non profitable sites.

Would the politics in the USA have played a role, with keeping the jobs in the USA?

The plant employees donate their time and fund raising efforts for the United Way fund raising and contributing yearly $200,000 to $250,000 which is approximately 25% of the total 1,000,000 United Way yearly campaign. No other employer can come close to the money and time donated. They also shut the plant completely down for one day a year for the “community day of caring” were they repair, paint and transform schools, Legions, shelters, churches, retirement homes or hospitals into colourful and clean works of art. It brings smiles from ear to ear from young and old and gives pride to everyone involved. It sucks that this all will be lost!


Below is the link to the official announcement of the site closure.

Official announcement in Recorder & Times


Donating to United Way Leeds Grenville happy faces all around.

PG Brockville United Way donation



Will the last remaining plant in Canada which is located in Belleville, Ontario survive or are they on borrowed time?


I guess time will tell the tail is the best answer we can give now!

Some companies are wolves in sheeps clothing.

wolf in sheep clothing


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