Concussions and the NHL


Photo Credits: National Post

That’s right, it’s the age old discussion of concussions and what the NHL has done to prevent them. The best player in the NHL has already had 4 concussions in his 10-year NHL career. It makes you wonder “What is the NHL doing to prevent these from happening?”. Well I’ll tell you what they’re doing.

The Spotter

They have recently added a spotter for each NHL game being played. If a player looks like they’ve hit their head, then the spotter will send a message to the team to get him checked out. Not all NHL players are happy with them. NHL players are professional athletes who know their bodies and want to be in every game. If the amount of concussions is going to be brought down, then it is in everybody’s best interest to listen to the spotter.


Photo Credits: TSN

The “Quiet Room”

In 2011 the NHL introduced the “quiet room” protocol. It was brought in for when a player hits his head, then he has a distraction free zone to go to. It also gives the team physician a more appropriate place to examine the player. In this article by Ryan Dixon in The Hockey News, it says that originally players were to spend a minimum of 15 minutes in the “quiet room”, but Dr. Ruben Echemendia called it “a fallacy”. The “quiet room” is usually the trainer’s room or the coach’s room. The location needs to be somewhere free of distractions both for the player and the team physician. The player must then complete a baseline test to get back on the ice.

Ottawa Senators v Carolina Hurricanes

Photo Credits: WBSM

I could go on forever talking about the NHL and how it is trying to limit concussions. Right now they are facing a lawsuit from former NHL players because of how poorly concussions were diagnosed and treated in the past. The NHL is far from perfect when it comes to protecting its players, but people need to remember that it is a full-contact sport and players are going to get hurt. It’s just a matter of how the NHL deals with it.

I want to know what you think about these two policies the NHL has added to their concussion protocol. Do you agree with what they are doing? If not, then what do you think they should be doing.


Thanks for reading!

-Nathan Baglin


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