Rebirth of NASCAR? More like the death to Twitter fans.

Rebirth of NASCAR? More like the death to Twitter fans.

2017 was supposed to mark the beginning of a new era for NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing). With a fresh new sponsor, Monster Energy, and a new racing style, this year should have been the solution to all the sports problems – so NASCAR management thought.

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Following the recession that hit the United States of America in 2001, no industry has fully recovered. In the NASCAR world ticket prices and fan attendance fell drastically in 2002. As the economy has slowly rebuilt itself, the sport took turns to grow with it.

With three racing series and 23 tracks on the regular season schedule, the interest in the sport never fully recovered to where it was in the late 1990’s. Monster Energy hoped to fix that this year, by introducing a new, ‘young,’ ‘hip,’ appeal to the sport. With a new target audience of young, party people, NASCAR changed the approach to race weekend.

You may be wondering, in theory, this sounds like a positive thing. NASCAR is trying to draw more fans to the sport, great. But what if I told you these new marketing tactics were pushing current fans away, fast. Need proof? Check out these Twitter screenshots!

 Images by author via Twitter.

It is safe to say there was a negative social media presence surrounding NASCAR following their ‘big news.’ To be honest, it would have taken me hours of scrolling through Twitter to find one good tweet about the changes. So, with such a negative buzz, you would expect NASCAR to address the fans concerns, right? Wrong.

As time went on, days, weeks, months, NASCAR addressed no concerns of life-long fans, leaving them feeling unappreciated. Now, half way through the season, this shows. Television ratings are lower than ever before and the attendance at the tracks, even worse.

Moving forward, the future does not look dazzling for NASCAR’s current relationship with fans. However, I wait to see if social media can fix the problem it started.


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One thought on “Rebirth of NASCAR? More like the death to Twitter fans.

  1. Hi Kathleen,
    I enjoyed reading your post.

    I think NASCAR management team did the necessary research before joining Monster Energy. They probably knew they would lose some of their current fans by doing so. Maybe they plan to change their audience and anticipate that the new ones could generate more profits.

    However, by reading your blog and the Twitter posts, I think such moves will hit the business and end up with negative results in short and long term. If I were part of the NASCAR influencers I would try to keep my fans and come up with plans to attract younger generations as well. I understand that they needed to inject money into their business and were looking for sponsors, but joining Goodlife, colleges, and universities could have engaged the youth while maintaining the current audience.


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