Looking for more attention on Instagram!

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Make your account open to the Public
500 million people are following Instagram today, with  %59 of them using it every day, and  %35 of them (including myself) having a frequent daily peek on it. Given that, if your primary concern is getting more attention, this will do it for you. It opens the whole world to see your life or views or moments you wish to share. However, don’t get upset when you receive inappropriate comments!
Determine your Target
Did you join just to post about your daily thoughts and life?Image result for image of target market
Did you join to be part of the instamodel or instaartist community?
Are you a business trying to reach the younger generation that already thinks Facebook is for “old people”?
This will make a difference in your content and the intent of each post.
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If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, once a week can be fine, but accept that your account will not grow very quickly. Just be consistent. Once a week, once a day, twice a day… Those who don’t enjoy many posts will quickly get rid of your weekly account posts, however the opposite is true for those who love knowing every single minute of everybody’s life. Don’t do too much or be too shy and quiet. There are no confirmed rules, but 1 to 3 posts is usually optimal. Stay in touch with them, inform them of what you think, how you feel. Comment on their posts, follow their accounts, like random posts using the same hashtags you personally used.
Warmer colours & Contrast
Using tools like filters can change the appearance of the pictures and posts, keeping with a constant look. All black and white, all quotes, all cats, all nature, all pink, all you. Studies showed that warmer colours and using the right contrasts will increase engagement. And that’s exactly what you WANT!
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Hashtags, the Eyecatcher
No one even knew about this weird looking digit until Chris Messina invented it. He originally started #ing to create groups on Instagram back in 2007. Here is his original tweet on the subject: “How do you feel about using # (pound)for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?”
AND this is what he was told: “These things are for nerds. They’re never going to catch on.”
Less than a decade later, # has become the magic number. However try not to use more than 5 in each post for personal “blog” accounts. For business, modeling and art pages, finding the larger hub accounts,modelinging larger relevant companies that are active on the network and finding your city’s prominent tags will help boost viewership and collaborations with others in the community. Hahstagging large hub accounts also tells them that it is ok to use your work for a feature (most who believe your content to be of high enough quality for their gallery will direct message you asking for payment for this, however). Viewership from an account with 10K+ followers will buy you an easy few hundred new “fans” per feature.
Headline, Content & Engagement
Forget the boring headlines. Captions are the first thing that can raise curiosity and mesmerize the audience to notice, and follow, your posts. Make the headline simple, interesting and easy to understand for different demographics. When it comes to content, do not post only for the sake of posting; be creative, surprising and unique. That’s what attracts attention, creates activity, and brings involvement on your posts. Moreover, ask your audience to participate; let them know their opinions count and that you emjoy hearing from them. Host contests, offer giveaways and draws to increase the engagement.
Overall, just remember that you are on Instagram. Have fun, anjoy the visuals and also give them something a day by applying all the tips and tricks above!
I would love to read your tips and triks…..

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2 thoughts on “Looking for more attention on Instagram!

  1. This article is great! I think you were really able to hit the nail on the head here with some of the key points you discussed. I like how you talk about having an open vs private account because that makes all the difference to me when I follow someone on Instagram. Additionally, the information you provided about keeping an active account is where I think many people fall short of on social media. I look forward to reading more of your work!

  2. I really like the use of your pictures and headlines. It makes this very easy to read and gives it a nice flow. You make some great points in this post about how to get more of a following on Instagram. Keep up the good work!

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