Blog #3: Instagram is where I am the realist.

Instagram is where I am the realist.

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Growing up in a digital world everyone has heard that phrase, “wow, her Instagram posts are so fake.” In that rare chance, you never have, this is for you.

Despite what they say about social media, I find these outlets to be the only place that represents the true me.

Since I was a kid, I was always interested in sports, fast cars and other activities that were not necessarily considered ‘girly.’ As a child, teen, even early adult, I often hid my interests from some of my closest friends, in fear they would judge me.

This frame of mind all changed when I downloaded the social media application Instagram. I discovered that people connected to the basis of similar interests, which encouraged me to share my true passions. At first, I did not let friends from school follow me, in fear they would not like my posts. However, over time I became open, free one could say. I stopped caring about what those around me thought and starting expressing who I really was.

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Today, I have almost 1000 followers. Not because I post selfies of myself, but because I post fast cars and concert videos. These people that follow me are interested in the REAL things I do, not what I pretend to do. Luckily for them, I follow those whose posts interest me. Minimum celebrities or business, lots of NASCAR drivers, radio stations, track friends and concert junkies, because those are the people whose lives are interesting to me.

At the end of the day, everyone’s opinions will always be different, even about social media, but the way you choose to express yourself is up to you! That right there is the beauty of living in a digital era.

So my final question for you is: What do your last 9 photos say about your life?



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2 thoughts on “Blog #3: Instagram is where I am the realist.

  1. Hi Kathleen,

    Great post!

    I remember from your previous blogs that you have done well with the SM. It is great that you have overcome all your challenges and can freely talk about your passions and be who you are.

    I think one of the best aspects of the SM is the fact that people who can’t express their feelings because of being shy, introvert or anxious about being judged whatsoever, may get a chance to share their thoughts with the world freely.

    I should say I am not very active on any SM platforms and post occasionally. However, I actually did look at the last 9 pictures on my Instagram account; I have posted three pics of my husband and I, three pics of my lovely nephew, one pic of -29 degrees at 8 am in Winnipeg, one with the snow in our back yard, and one pic of a traditional Persian food since January to present. Apparently, I must get more active if I want more audience!


  2. Hi Kathleen –

    I enjoyed reading your blog and hearing more about how social media has given you the confidence to share and express your interests and passions. Good for you for using it as your outlet and expanding your network of people with similar interests and hobbies!

    On my personal Instagram account I share lots of images, some days I post a few pictures, but I would say on average I share 5-10 pictures a week, The majority of the pictures I share on Instagram are of my kids, our farm or fun things we are up to. My Instagram account is a private account, so the majority of my followers are family and friends.

    One of the things I found about a year ago that I LOVE is Chatbooks – I have it linked directly to my Instagram account and every time I get to 60 photos it sends me an email letting me know that a photobook is ready to print, it is a cool way to preserve printed photo memories of my family and the things I share. I find in this digital age it is so easy to take photos but I don’t print them as often as I’d like. My kiddos love looking through the photos and memories and I love having them too!

    All the best on the rest of the course!


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