Too many platforms, too little time COM0011

By Michel Hell COM0011 Blog 2

Being a Social Media newbie, at first glance the number of platforms available to communicate on seems to be out of control – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc., etc.

Up until now, phone calls, texting and emailing were more than enough ways for me to communicate… let alone face to face. But I see there is a need to communicate to specific communities, whether it is looking for a job, education, hobbies or searching for the best product to buy by reading reviews from people who have previously bought the same item.

Being part of an online community with people who have similar interests from all parts of the world is an eye-opener and the beginning, I hope, of a fascinating journey. But which platform is going to be the best for me?

Well after visiting many communities’ websites I’m interested in (i.e., I see they all offer Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. These two for now seem to be the most popular for like-minded people to share a 140 character thought by Tweet or by sharing more insight with photos and videos via Facebook – and allowing for feedback almost instantaneously.

So for now I will be quite happy using the more popular platforms because there is not enough time for me to surf through the rest.

Is there a platform you like better and can recommend?


2 thoughts on “Too many platforms, too little time COM0011

  1. Hi Michel. I definitely agree there are so many social media platforms out there with not enough time to maintain them all. Even large companies with big budgets and a full time social media marketing team can not seem to do it all as well. I found i spend more then enough time on Facebook as it is. I used to have Twitter a little while ago but found once I had added around 3000 people the usefulness of it wasn’t what I had originally intended it for. I wanted to keep in touch with friends and family and found that any of their posts seemed to be drowned out in a never ending stream of things I had no interest in so I eventually discontinued using Twitter. For me Facebook is more then enough. I have a much more manageable amount of friends around the 1000 mark but these are friends, family and other subjects I am actually interested in.

  2. I also have FB and Twitter only and seem to be able to manage these reasonable well. Twitter can be overwhelming with getting into the wrong stream line and then hit hard with followers of followers. All this to say choose your friends wisely.

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