In with old, out with the new


(Photo credit: Alexandre Melo Vieira. Albums : Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon, Beastie Boy Ill Communication, InI Center Of Attention, Rolling Stones Tattoo You.)

Where does this attraction for old technology come from? Why are we so addicted to things from the past? Is it because it’s a cool thing to have? …well yes, I have to agree, but why is it a trend now? When I walk around the Ottawa Byward Market or Rideau street and I see these antique shops, what comes to mind is ‘’oh the memories’’, but they are not technically mine – I’m only 28 – record players and vinyls were not the technology of my generation. So, why do I feel nostalgic for these things?


I started a small collection of LP’s earlier this year, thinking it’d be a cool collection. So here I am following the trend of ‘’yeah vinyl’s are so much better, having the physical album in your hands is so good and the sound is the best’’. The funny thing was, I didn’t even have a great sound system; so, if I’m honest, I couldn’t differentiate the sound quality. But I slowly became more and more impressed with the technology. How can a simple piece of plastic make this crazy sound come out of it? On the other hand, there are so many different parts of the record player; it’s so incredibly technical. A needle lightly touches a spinning vinyl where sound waves were engraved in to it – it’s amazing. Nowadays we have programs like Spotify that play music but you can’t see anything… its click and play. It’s just a file. 001001000110010101. Playing through a program. 0010111001110010101. Interesting…


One day, someone finally asked me, why do I like all this old technology? From old gaming consoles to music vinyl’s, record players, or cars. After thinking for a while I soon realized, the feelings that I was describing or the memories I was looking for, were not mine. The reason why I love these old things is because of the stories I had heard from my family or friends. Sitting down with my mom and my aunt, talking about the days when they used to shop for vinyls when they were young. I love to imagine them frantically flipping through albums at the store, trying to find the perfect record. Or one of my uncles telling me about how long they waited in line for that first NHL game on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and then they sat down and played all day and all night. Even sometimes when I stare at old muscle cars, stories of my mom’s oldest brother driving these kind of cars or old-school motorcycles pop into my head – I feel as though I know exactly what he would’ve liked about the car. I found out that the reason why I like this tech is because I am truly looking to feel what they were living with. I’m not just interested in these things because its trending or cool to have, but I wanted to understand and share in these memories.


(Photo credit: Alexandre Melo Vieira. Vinyl: InI Center Of Attention)

There is nothing more cool to me then putting on my favorite album on my record player while doing my homework, thinking that back then my mom was doing the exact same thing.


Is there any tech that inspires you today? What tech do you find beautiful? You may be surprised what you might find in your own house…



010010011100101. Is this music to you? Here is a small blog on the reason why I like old technologies and my addiction to the visually satisfying record player. Why are we so addicted to this old tech?


In with the old, out with the new. Here’s a small blog about my affair with old tech. ”Oh the memories…”



One thought on “In with old, out with the new

  1. Thanks for your insight on this trend, AlexM! I agree that there is something intriguing about a physical record and that needle on the record player. I remember listening to Chicago on an old rejected record player of my parents’. My friends and I thought we were so cool.

    A few years ago, my daughter received a new record player, and one of her friends found a bunch of LPs in the attic of his family’s house. We spent the evening dancing to the Bay City Rollers, Tijuana Brass, and ABBA.

    But now she’s showed me how to use Spotify and I have Sirius XM in my car. The new tech inspires me because I can find exactly what I’m looking for via a quick search and a shuffle button. It’s all the good stuff from the past in one or two places. ~Noreen B

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