If I try something crazy with my hair again, slap me.

Heart hair- love my hair

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Our hair is as individual as each of us and is truly an expression of ourselves. As the seasons change in our lives so does our hair. It is our history expressed in captured moments of hair evolution.

Me at 1 years old

Family photo album, Martine 1985

We have all played hairdresser on ourselves at one time; even went far enough to start cutting our sibling’s hair with childproof scissors. A little on the top for me, a little on the top for you, sister. Every parent’s nightmare =  your first haircut is compliments of your older sister.

Me and my sisters

Family photo album, Martine and sisters 1988

That is me to the right…and THAT was not a planned hair style. I cut a chunk of hair out of my sister’s bangs and then proceeded to do a job on myself. This was not the cool style of 1984. So like all things, time corrects it all.

Picture of me with a mullet

Family photo album Martine, November 1993

The next hair event was the home haircuts my mother gave us. I was cool in 1993 and did not think anything of it. Till now, this is a picture my mother shows a potential boyfriend. We shriek with laughter. You know the line you tell your mother: how could you have done this to me?! My mullet hair cut just kills me now.

Once I was old enough to know that the fairy hairdresser existed (but was way too expensive) or started questioning the home haircuts; my friends and I would experiment with hair trends.  It was hair dye: bleach, bleach and more bleach. The local pharmacy and voila, buy hair dye and magic I am a blonde. During this phase of self-expression I never had my haircut.

I wanted long flowing hair, but immediate long hair.

This would have been me, had I taken pictures.

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This lead to my best friend adding hair extensions. Gaelle would spend hours, braid after braid. It weighed a ton and O.M.G. did my head itch, pure torture. I was so cool.

In my later teen years, I demanded salon quality hair products from my parents and treatments to help my damaged hair. Only to forget the consequences of the last experiment and try another trend.

Then came the pink hair. I was offered a gift from my mother. A trip to a real hairdresser. Wow, sure I will have a haircut and pink highlights. Once at the cash hours later the price for beauty was $300.00. Yes people stopped me on the street to comment on the beauty of my hair. Keep in mind I could never afford to maintain this hairstyle.

Lady Gaga- Hair https://youtu.be/Okq8xHrIZ8I

Now I have come to a full revolution and I am back to where I started.

Back to the start- full circle

Family photo album, Martine 1987

We are 2017, and I now keep my hair shoulder length and natural colour. I use quality shampoo, conditioner and visit the hairdresser for regular cuts. If I try to revert to my old days, please slap me.

Atomy Hair products keep my hair healthy and beautiful. Just like I was back in 1987. Look at that cutie!

Picture of my shampoo/conditioner



Just saying…

Invest in your hair. You wear it everyday

Very smart woman


  If I try to something crazy with my hair, slap me. #breakup=britneyspearsshavedhead http://wp.me/p3QRy0-ftg

  #takecareofyourhair http://wp.me/p3QRy0-ftg


2 thoughts on “If I try something crazy with my hair again, slap me.

  1. I have worked at the same organization for 20 years; a couple of years ago we did a slide show with old photos. It was a public display of “What were you thinking?” of my hairstyles. I feel your pain.

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