Instagram Stories is Officially More Popular than Snapchat


My intention for this blog post was to discuss “Will Instagram stories take over Snapchat”. I very quickly came to realize, that Instagram Stories is OFFICIALLY more popular than Snapchat. Instagram Stories has quickly gained in popularity since its debut in August 2016. According to The Verge, there are 200 million people using Instagram stories daily while only 161 million are using Snapchat. Snapchat admitted to a 15% decrease in their 4th quarter of 2016. As an avid user of both platforms, I had no knowledge of the popularity growth of Instagram Stories. Let’s discuss both platforms and determine the advantages and disadvantages of each platform and why Snapchat is on the decline.



Instagram Stories Features

  • Send directly to followers
  • 24 hour lifespan
  • Geo-stickers and Hashtags
  • New ! Selfie Face Filters
  • Rewind/ Fast Forward/Slow Motion
  • Stickers/selfie stickers
  • Higher quality of video
  • Filters
  • Embedded links
  • Erase feature
  • Live Video
  • Hands-free video
  • 15 second video

Snapchat Features

  • 24-hour lifespan
  • Send directly to followers
  • Stickers
  • Geo-stickers
  • Bit-emoji
  • Selfie Face Filters
  • Fast Forward/Slow Motion
  • Subscriptions/ Feature
  • 10 second video

As you can you see, many of the features are the same. One competitive advantage that Snapchat had over Facebook was the ‘Face Filters’. Everyone loves the dog, flower crown, and face swap filter features on Snapchat!  Well, as of last month Instagram debuted pretty much the same feature on their platform. If you can’t beat them, join them!

Shown below is reality star Kendall Jenner using Snpachat’s classic ‘dog filter’.



Shown below is an example of the features used in Instagram Stories. Geotags, tags, hashtags, and stickers are used.


(image: )

So Why IS Instagram Stories more popular?

Instagram had a larger audience, to begin with. 400 million people use Instagram already, so the probability of people using Instagram Stories is greater. Users don’t have to download another app because everything that Snapchat has, is already on Instagram. Snapchat has even seen a decrease of 15% by ‘stars’ as a result of Instagram having a larger following.

The Demise of Vine


What is Vine? Exactly. Jokes aside, Vine was a video sharing app designed for users to create short clips that could be linked together for a 6-second video. Twitter bought Vine for 30 million in October 2012.  Meanwhile, Snapchat was introduced with 10-second videos. There are a couple reasons why it failed. Advertisers were not interested in only 6 seconds of video time and quite frankly I don’t think the app was very easy to use.  Vine just couldn’t compete with Instagram and Snapchat.

The reason why I thought it was important to highlight Vine, is because we need to know… will Snapchat be the new Vine? Is Snapchat going to survive the decline? Will they introduce new features that will gain more users? How will they differentiate themselves?

Which platform do you prefer using? Comment below and let me know!



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2 thoughts on “Instagram Stories is Officially More Popular than Snapchat

  1. I’m a regular Instagram user, but I’ve never used Instagram stories. I’ve downloaded the Snapchat app but didn’t really “get” it. I’ve always struggled with the “disappearing” nature of photos; to me if I take a photo I want to share, I want to have it beyond 24 hours. I appreciate your explanation of all three apps though; very interesting.

    • Hi Bonnie! I thought the same too! I find Instagram stories is good for sharing everyday things that may not be ‘post worthy’. Or if you are at event and want to show what is happening at that moment. Glad you enjoyed my post!

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