I Knit Where I Want

A few weeks ago during the hockey playoffs Twitter was a twitter when this photo started making the rounds:

Not being a hockey fan, I stumbled across it inadvertently when someone I follow (an avid Pittsburg fan) tweeted about her.

I’ve written before about the challenges of knitting in public, particularly at work. She fell into a hole I’ve carefully tried to avoid: people thinking that you were not engaged while holding needles and yarn. Clearly it’s easier to make that connection in person as opposed to a nationally televised sporting event.


While there have been many traditional media articles written since the initial tweet, what has struck me is how she has responded on Twitter.  It is a lesson in how social media allows people to voice their response immediately in conjunction with more in depth coverage from traditional media. While both have their roles in telling the story, I believe that without her quick and informed responses, the initial reaction of the twitter post might have also been the tone of the traditional media stories. Instead she has articulately made her case that because you are knitting doesn’t mean you are not paying attention.


At a time when news stories are questioned on a daily basis, it is an interesting lesson on how you can control your own narrative.




Twitter: #IKnitWhereIWant http://bit.ly/2qGnE6I

Facebook: I Knit Where I Want (Why the Penguins Knitting Lady is my hero) http://bit.ly/2qGnE6I

7 thoughts on “I Knit Where I Want

  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I really enjoyed your use of the video in this blog. Its a much better to show the reader what happened as opposed to trying to describe it. Everybody has something they would love to do whenever they can, but sometimes it just won’t work. I also like that she really did take control of her own narrative and stood up for what she was doing.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Genius public relations ploy by former NHL goalie Kevin Weekes, perhaps?? Kind of neat that he would involve himself in the knitting movement. 🙂

  3. Well double bonus for me. I love hockey and I love to knit. Yes I do both any where I choose. So why not. I watch hockey games on my Iphone, at random spots and I knit at games. The Ottawa 67′ games there is a whole section of knitters. This is a good topic for the blog as it touches the soul of many Canadians. This also made me think, you never know when you are going to hit a nerve. So Canadian Hockey and yes knitting. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love that attitude, “I knit where I want”. It’s crazy how something so simple can become a national interest story – even breaking through all the Trump coverage.

    I played hockey my whole childhood – and I have to say that if my mom was knitting in the stands, I would’ve been super embarrassed. Even more embarrassed than the time she fell down the stands and the ref stopped the game (only funny because she was okay).

    Great story!

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