S17 – Digital Communication: Blog Post #3 Employee Engagement

Over the past few years, I’ve taken a keen interest in the field of employee engagement. I believe it’s an area where most organizations lag, mostly due to a lack of understanding its importance. Many companies will proudly state that their employees are the voice of their organization or the first impression for a client. However, little is done to nurture an organizational culture of engaged employees.

I’ve started to follow more and more people on Twitter whose careers are dedicated to employee engagement and the there is incredible work being done in this field. These are the people who will drive change in an organization and the ones that need to be communicated to. They have their fingers on the pulse of what drives people and have tremendous recommendations and experience. They are also extremely savvy in social media, which makes it the perfect vehicle to communicate to them. Twitter is my go-to and I’ve found so many influencers this way. Their tweets lead me to blogs and webinars and to follow hashtags of conferences and tweet chats. The abundance of information being communicated is amazing. Facebook posts are full of quick tidbits of information and websites provide white papers of detailed case studies. Communicators link to HR officers who speak to executives initiating discussions on LinkedIn.

Those in the field of employee engagement are “in the know” when it comes to social media and communicating to them means developing a solid strategy that incorporates the tools they use the most.



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