Social Media Strategy in a Nutshell for Marketing your Business


My name is Cheryl. I presently consider myself a Rookie when it comes to blogging with the Algonquin Social Media program.

Being a successful “Gently Used Treasures Consultant”, which entails matching people with hidden gems and treasures. “Allways Gently Used Items” is a new service offered to the consumers by Allways Moving Delivery & Storage located in the town of Smiths Falls, Ontario. I am a recognized trusted local authority with a broad knowledge of antiques and we are known for also providing outstanding service as per our feedback and reviews from clients. In this line of work one must be able to identify the client’s needs, design the successful solution and deliver quality items at a reasonable price.

We are using multiple networking paths ranging from community swamp shops along with a variety of buy and sell sites such as Kijiji, which can play a huge role in connecting with potential clients.

One of the biggest decisions is to determine whether Social Media is the proper path for your business. Below is a link to connect you to a straight forward blog, listing the pro and cons in using Social Media for small business.

Please click on link listed below :

Should you really use Social Media for a Marketing Tool?  

There are also hidden area’s of networking which in our niche client service can provide future possibilities and create a ripple effect for enlarging our clientele area. I am looking forward to discussing ways of enhancing proven networking in future blogs.

I have listed our web sites ( which is under construction ) along with our 2 Facebook sites below, Can411 site :

            Allways ” Gently Used Items ” web site

   Allways Moving

Image result for facebook logo    Allways ” Gently Used ” Facebook

Image result for facebook logo      Allways Moving Delivery & Storage Facebook

 Image result for can 411 logo                  Allways Canada 411 site


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