S17 – Digital Communication: Blog Post #2 Honestly? Make it a good story.

The key to storytelling is honesty. If the audience doesn’t feel like it can trust what you wrote, you’ve squandered an opportunity to engage with it. The way to get there is through clear, concise, correct and complete content. Making sure your content doesn’t “trip up” the reader means that your message will not be lost and your call to action may be headed.

Not everyone can be a storyteller but everyone can write properly. Sometimes that’s the way to engaging your audience. Using the inverted pyramid as a guide means that the most important information will be read first. At the very least, you’ll have someone who can quote what they’ve read. At the most, they’ve continued to read and can elaborate on the points you want them to remember.

Getting the reader’s attention is the hardest part. A catchy headline and lead helps to draw that attention. However it’s the honesty of the writing that will keep that attention. Proper grammar, plain language, clear sentence structure and solid research will gain that trust and open the door for more engagement.

If you open that door, make sure that you stay engaged with your audience. Facebook responses must be timely. Replies to tweets must be immediate. Commenting on Instagram photos are required. Audiences like to feel that the businesses they engage with are interested in what they think or how they feel. Creating that bond is important but maintaining it is critical.

An attention-getting story, well-written content and staying engaged with audiences will help a business move forward with achieving its business goals.

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