How Social Media can Spark the Mind of a Child

What would be the tools on Social Media than can spark the mind of the preschoolers? How is it being used to be effective in emergent learnings? In this article, I will share what are the tools and how they help to spark the minds of children in the early learning settings.

It was a sunny day and the preschoolers ages 2.5 – 3 yrs. old went outside to play. I brought few open-ended materials such as chalk, silk banners with various colours, magnifying glass, bug container, etc. One child picked up the chalk and started to scribble on the ground and said, “I made a scarecrow.”  There was one child who asked him,  “What is the scarecrow doing?” and the child replied, “He scares the birds.” So when we came back to our classroom we had an investigation by using Google search. The children found out from the images that a “scarecrow” is not a real person but a made up thing place in the middle of the field to watch the plants and scares the birds and animals. One child suggested that we can add the scarecrow to our “Interest Web” which is posted on the wall of our classroom.

After some minutes, one child asked if they can make a scarecrow. So we search again from Pinterest how to make a scarecrow. Two children went to the creative shelf and took the basket of crayons and pieces of papers and started to make a picture of the scarecrow. But some children wanted to make a scarecrow out of pieces of fabrics from Dramatic Area.  And this can be their creative activity for the following day.

Credited: “A bunch of Scarecrows in a rice paddy in Japan”

The next  day I observed two children playing with the farm animals by making sounds.  During circle time I used  video clip from YouTube to show them the pictures of farm animals with their names and sounds that they made. The children learned in an instant the name of each animal and their corresponding sounds. To evaluate their learnings we played the “Listening Lotto”. It is a game by marking the picture of an animal as they listen to the sound made. Moreover, on YouTube children learned songs and dances of different cultures. We had fun everyday.

Indeed, the given tools on social media are means to help the children develop their domain and skills such as physical, cognitive, communication, social and emotional well-being but it is not the end. As educators, parents and caregivers let us learn how to use the tools by developmentally appropriate to their age level,  balance and creative in providing learning opportunities to the children in our care.

You are most welcome to share an experience you have related to my article.


What is Emergent Curriculum?


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