COM0015 – Blog #1 Tools and Sources

As a part-time contractor working in social media metrics and as a student of the Social Media certificate program, I have utilized a variety of monitoring tools. Some of the tools were meh or just okay, others were better but the ultimate best one that I have used is Sysomos. Before you decide to check out Sysomos, you have to have a BIG budget. Thanks to my contracting work, my employer pays for the access that I have, therefore I never pay the bill, but I have seen the invoice – think of the cost of a small bathroom or kitchen reno and that is the cost for the year. For that much money, the tool does in fact monitor everything and anything thanks to some advanced Boolean queries. I am not going to lie but it is an overwhelming tool that takes practice to use but once you have the hang of it, Bob’s your uncle.


I have also dabbled with a few other tools and can recommend Hootsuite and Google Alerts. Each tool gave me a partial piece of the puzzle while Sysomos gave me the whole picture. You really can’t compare free or budget friendly tools to an expensive search engine.


When I am not working part-time, I am also a full-time mom to two young girls (4 and 7 this month). My time is split between shuttling kids to their activities, maintaining the household, and homework (mine and my first grader’s – ha). My social media time for personal usage is dramatically less than my social media usage for work. I am hardly active on my personal social media pages preferring to scan and creep with an occasional post here and there. During my scan and creep times, I do look over the trending headlines on both Twitter and Facebook but leave myself some research time to legitimize the sources and stories. I also find time flies by when I peruse the many posts of Huffington Post or Buzzfeed.


At the rate that new information is released into the social media stratosphere it is no surprise that an blog I came across lists 20 tools that I had never even heard of until I read this article. In order to be successful in the social media monitoring world, you really do need to brush up on the ever changing technology that is social media. I have some homework to do tonight.


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