5 Reasons Network Marketing is Perfect for Millennial Travellers!


(n.) a strong desire or impulse to travel and explore the world

Millennials… this one is for you!

We are a generation driven for change. Despite the job market being much more scarce today than it was when our parents finished school, we are determined. And in addition, we don’t just want a J-O-B. We want more.  More freedom, more passion, more abundance, and most importantly: more fulfillment. We are dreamers! We want to feel like we are contributing to the world on a massive scale, on our own terms. And for the motivated leaders who are prepared to put in the work to achieve these dreams, the opportunities are limitless!

There is a shift happening… The industrial era of the 18th and 19th centuries made way, following the digital revolution, for the information era, which is now coming to an end with the rise of a new era: one of technology, networking, and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are breaking free from traditional business approaches in search of a better way… The way of the future. A revolution that will one day become our “norm” is starting to get massive attention.

This is where network marketing comes in. Although it isn’t perfect (just like anything else), and it requires commitment and hard work, this business model was the biggest blessing to fuel my wanderlust and help me ignite the fire inside my soul to really do something big! But why does network marketing go hand in hand with the desire to explore the world? Here are 5 reasons why I have found this to be the perfect opportunity for young travellers!

1. We are natural networkers!

It’s almost a no-brainer for today’s youth to align themselves with some sort of company with products or services they believe in and have a passion for, even if it’s just something simple for a bit of extra income on the side of school or full-time work. Why? Because we’re network marketing on our own without even realizing it!

It is completely normal to see a girl posing for a workout selfie on Instagram dressed head to toe in Victoria’s Secret PINK, or a guy showing off his new Jordans on Snapchat, or people all over Twitter hyping up a new restaurant or movie.

But when was the last time Nike said “Thank you, Sarah! After seeing you wearing a Nike sports bra on Instagram, your friends Jenny and Emma were inspired to start working out and came in to purchase some new outfits from us. We’d like to reward you with a referral bonus and continue to reward you as Jenny, Emma, and all of their friends shop with us in the future”?

That sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s what network marketing is all about. Real people are being rewarded for sharing products and services that they genuinely use and love! Word of mouth marketing is proving to be a much better distribution method than other advertising techniques with the rise of social media as a platform for influence.

Since we’re going to post about the things we love anyways, we might as well get paid for it at the same time! Who doesn’t love posting pictures lounging poolside on an exotic island or backpacking through Europe? What about sharing our favourite makeup or smoothie recipes or our inspiring health journeys?

We share these things with our networks because they excite us, and of course, travel excites a lot of other people too! So while doing something you would already do naturally, you’re inspiring your friends to partner with you and build the type of freedom that allows all of you to travel together!

2. Residual income to fund your trips!

Surely we would all love to travel – but of course seeing the world isn’t always cheap. From plane tickets, to accommodation, to food, to sightseeing, and don’t forget this one: the money we’d lose if we couldn’t be working our regular jobs while on vacation. What if there was a way to make extra money to save for a trip, AND (wait for it) even continue to earn money while traveling?!

With the right network marketing company, there is no cap on how far your income can grow if you apply yourself, learn the skills to be successful, and stay consistent! What may start out as a few extra dollars on the side can very possibly replace your full time income down the road and fund your wildest dreams to see the world at a young age.

The power of residual income allows network marketers to not only work from anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection, but get this – even if you’re not “working” on your business, you can actually continue to earn money on your trip from work that you’ve already done! Compare it to being a successful author – J.K. Rowling continues to get paid writing the Harry Potter series years later as more people buy her books.

This quote from Warren Buffett says it all.


Warren Buffett shares his views on residual income.

Although I’m sure we would all love some extra cash, it is important to note that financial success isn’t the focal point here. It’s what we choose do with that money that adds value! Traveling is an amazing motivating factor to earn a bit of extra income and enrich our lives with the best experiences around the world.

3. What’s more important than financial freedom? Time freedom!

Money isn’t the only thing we need to fulfill our dreams of traveling all over the world. There are lots of people who are perfectly capable of affording travel but don’t have enough time!

Even if we work hard to save up for a trip, most of us are relying on someone else (a boss) to get the time off to be able to take a vacation. Even unpaid, this can be hard to accomplish! Most people work 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, just to retire after 40+ years. Where’s the time to live our lives? Of course, hopefully everyone enjoys what they do and doesn’t want a vacation from it, although this isn’t as common as one would hope.

With opportunities arising to take our work with us as long as we have internet connection, and do it on our own time, millennials are defying the status-quo and pushing the boundaries to create more freedom to live every day to the fullest! We don’t want to wait until we’re retired after 40 years to start seeing the world.

Network marketing allows the average person to be their own boss, work around the things they want to do, without having to rely on a third party to tell them if they can or can’t spontaneously jet off for a week in France or take a road trip to New York City!

4. Small business tax deductions!

Quick disclaimer: I am not a tax professional and this is not intended to be financial or tax advice. Everyone is responsible to educate themselves properly on what can and cannot be deducted on taxes so make sure to check with your CPA or the IRS website to be sure. This is simply my own personal experience.

There are many tax advantages that are available to business owners, specifically home-based business owners. As a network marketer, depending on how seriously you are taking your business, you may qualify for some of these write-offs!

Of course, there must be a clear division between business-related travel and personal travel. However, there are many opportunities that will arise to invest in travel for the purpose of growing your network marketing business. For example, if the network marketing company you’ve aligned with opens in a new international market, it can certainly be considered a business trip to visit this new area, make connections, educate yourself on their culture, attend trainings and events for your business, etc. and it is possible to claim a portion of this as a business expense for tax purposes!


Every penny counts! There are many tax advantages available to home-based business owners.

For specifics, of course, be sure to clarify with your accountant, but another example includes using tech devices for business while traveling – a portion of what I paid for my lightweight, portable laptop that came with me to run my business while on vacation, and a portion of the wifi hotspot I purchased to use my phone for business activities in Europe are both examples of possible partial deductions.

If it helps you grow your business, there’s a good chance it can be claimed as an expense and these definitely add up.

Imagine seeing the world and growing an international business all at once!

5. Grow your brand through travel!

Network marketing is becoming more social media-based every day as our influential reach extends with the progression of technology and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Attraction marketing is defined as the concept of creating value and building intrigue for your target prospect so they are attracted to you and your message.

This requires building a “brand” on social media that revolves around more than simply the company you’ve chosen to align with. People will do business with those they know, like, and trust. This means being genuine, sharing your passions, working to be a positive influence and role model, and developing a brand that portrays your lifestyle and inspires others to strive towards their own dreams with your help.

It’s no secret that everyone loves seeing and sharing travel blogs, photos, videos, etc.

The more you travel, the more new and exciting content you will have to share with your audience. More people will want to follow your journey, and then the people who are attracted to your brand will come to you because they want to live a similar lifestyle!

So not only do you get to enjoy an epic vacation, but your business will grow as a result of you sharing these experiences and living the lifestyle of your dreams. Not a bad gig!

Of course, it takes consistency and other techniques to perfect the art of social media marketing (making sure your posts are seen, keeping a balance in the types of posts, etc.) – but in the end it all comes down to providing valuable content, and who doesn’t love seeing pictures like the ones below?

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Italy is kind of pretty

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One last bonus: Travelling = Happiness = Success!

One of my favourite books is The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. This book explains that success does not cause happiness, but rather the opposite – happiness is what primarily fuels success. Achor says, “When we are happy—when our mindset and mood are positive—we are smarter, more motivated, and thus more successful. Happiness is the center, and success revolves around it.”

Travel and network marketing go hand in hand because traveling, exploring different cultures, taking time to discover what we want out of life while strolling through the little streets in Italy or hiking through mountains… every one of these experiences does so much to progress our personal development and enrich our lives. This happiness motivates us and increases our productivity and we can be more successful in our businesses and in life in general!

Your life is too valuable to spend it just getting by! Get out there, follow your passions, and truly live!

I am on a mission to inspire young people to dream bigger and live louder! For more information on my team’s movement, visit www.dreambiggerlivelouder.com.


Millennials, this one is for you! If you have a passion for travel, this could be your solution to freedom! 🌍 http://tinyurl.com/m2v568l


Millennials, this one is for you! If you have a passion for travel but struggle to come up with the time and money to make your dreams happen, this could be your solution to freedom! 🌍 Discover 5 reasons why network marketing could be the perfect fit to satisfy your wanderlust ✨ http://tinyurl.com/m2v568l

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Network Marketing is Perfect for Millennial Travellers!

  1. Hi Charlotte !

    Amazing post. I debated writing about this topic as well. For the past 5 years I have been travelling on my time off work. It is a big dream in life to live the ‘laptop life’. No more 9-5, 5 days a week. Who wouldn’t love to do what they love and make money while doing it?!

    Have you seen ‘Nomadic Matt” blog? I really trust his content and he even has courses on how to make money blogging while travelling.

    Love your use of pictures! I will follow you on Instagram. My handle is miss_kim11.


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