Why is social media like skin care?

As a wellness ambassador for healthy skin, I have discovered an incredible product that keeps me feeling natural and radiant. Skin care, like social media, can be helpful or damaging. You will find that there is so much to learn and mistakes can be costly.

Skin care and social media have grown since its humble beginnings, and is now overwhelmed by its own greatness.

Overwhelmed with product choices?

  • Night Cream
  • Day Cream
  • Sun Cream
  • Eye Cream
Picture of various types of creams to demonstrate how it can be overwhelming


Check out this helpful Facebook page, Spa Passion by Rachelle, that I follow to demystify skin care.

Overwhelmed with social media platforms?

  • Blog
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Picture of social media outlets and key terms to demonstrate how social media can be overwhelming.

Adobe Stock

Finding time to establish a daily routine and taking a consistent approach will give you gratifying results and decrease that sense of overwhelmingness. Finding what works best for you, will entice you to be loyal to your routine.

Seek and you will find what resonates with you and your lifestyle.

Skin care consumers will try different products. Hence, that drawer of products that have never been used, or half used, or expired in 1999. Be assured, once you have found a product that works for your skin care regime, you will be loyal.

Social media is similar in that we try different social media sites seeking community, friends and interactions.  We are also guilty of having drawers of social media content that have never been used (2000 “friends” on Facebook – and we only connect with 10 of them), or half used (my poor linkedin account), or that we have been locked-out of since 1999 (instant messenger: MSN, ICQ). Be assured, once you have found your community, topics and/or people who you are actually interested in, you will be loyal.

Time to clean out your drawers. 

Once you are loyal, you will want to create a routine that fits your lifestyle. I use a 6 skin care system twice a day, consistently. The results are amazing! I have discovered a balance between the product I use, the skin I have, and the results that I want, to ensure that I’m maximizing quality (versus quantity = putting on cream every 5 mins like my sister who will not be named – #productjunkie).

To avoid the black abyss of “creeping” people all day, you have to a discover a balance between the social media tools you use, the time you have and the level of engagement you want, to ensure that you are maximizing quality (versus quantity = liking every post on Facebook – #mydogdiedandyoulikedit).

Quality vs. Quantity.

Check out what Steve Cartwright has to say about Quality vs Quantity.

Social media users, just like skin care product users, need to clean out their drawers and commit to a routine that produces quality. Are you in the habit of an amazing routine? Share what works for you?

facebook Why is social media like skin care? Time to clean out your drawer & commit to quality. http://bit.ly/2qdmmzg 

Twitter Why is social media like skin care? Who knows! #atomygatesknows http://bit.ly/2qdmmzg


6 thoughts on “Why is social media like skin care?

  1. Atomy – Amazing!

    The blog actually read like a skincare promotional blog and the first image really helped set the tone.

    So true about the limitless choices, and the routine part makes sense. Cute insert of hashtags.

    Reminds me of the first YouTube video in the week1 course material, with all the icecream choices.

    Personally I’ve just stuck to my platform of choice, Facebook. I don’t really go on all the platforms. I stick to FB, occasionally Twitter. Deleted Snapchat after a month, and I’ve had an inactive Instagram account since it first came out 6-7 years ago.

  2. Thank you Marielle This is my first and only blog It took me four days……crazy I am hoping my next one will be quicker so I can get back to creeping …..FB.

  3. I love the comparison. Would have never thought of this, and yeah, very accurate. I especially relate to the skin care aspect, however, as I have been suffering some cystic acne on my jaw line for the past few months, and have been trying out EVERYTHING I can. Haven’t been as adventurous with the social media experimentation, however, but working on it!

  4. What a perfect analogy, simple and unique style. In your statement, “We are guilty of having drawers of social media content that have never been used…..”. It is sounds familiar to me since I am one of them not being loyal to one of the platform i signed up. Thanks for the reminder. Keep up the best start!

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