COM0011: Post #1: Social Media Boom

Over the years, I have seen social media get more and more common. People are looking to social media as a day to day thing, with sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I can see many companies using this to keep in touch with costumers and advertise there products and provide updates. This can provide many good things for many companies who want to keep there image good, but there can be some downsides. Yes, they normally hire people to manage there social media side and sometimes, we don’t know who they are like. There has been cases of them using profanity, responding to negative feedback in a unprofessional manner, and false information. This can make a company look bad.

On the topic of negatives of social media with companies who use it, there is a chance there is hackers out there to tarnish there reputation. Sometimes hackers can get a hold of the password of the companies twitter or Facebook and then post very toxic things and sometimes post links, thus allowing them to get access to customers accounts. Luckily some people out there are aware of this and can pick up on hacker-like activity on an account, such as inaccurate information, suspicious links, and post quality. Companies can use two-step authentication that can allow the program to contact them and ask “is this you? and if it is, here is your code to processed.” This can protect them to an extent.

But lets now talk about the positives, other then some unprofessional employee. There is good parts to it. They can respond to feedback and post upcoming products there making or updates on a current product to let people know about it. This can allow customer feedback on the products and allows them to respond. Social Media is another side of appearance for a company so they need to maintain that appearance to make them look good. I respect when they provide honesty other then dishonest feedback. I hope to see more companies to continue a trend, and hopefully be honest about there upcoming products and listen to the customers feedback, as the Internet is always growing and has lots of opportunity out there.

– Eric Mason

One thought on “COM0011: Post #1: Social Media Boom

  1. Yes! As I becoming familiar with the social media i discover the positive and negative impact on the lives of the users of any platforms especially the facebook and twitter. But we can be an advocate how to use them in an effective way.

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