Is the NHL involved in a new take of David and Goliath?


NHL logos

Photo Credits: ESPN

Ever since the NHL was created in 1917 it has been evolving. Just like any other business it had to adapt to different eras and trends. The NHL is considered to have a smaller market when comparing them to other sports like the NBA or the NFL. Throughout the 100 years the NHL has been around they have been able to stay healthy focusing on their market. Now they have the chance to expand into new markets, as well as get real-time reactions from their currents ones. How can they do this? Well through social media of course.

Right now we are in the time of social media. Never before has there been something that connects consumers to companies instantly. Social media gives smaller companies a better chance against the ‘big guys’ (eg. NHL vs. NBA, NFL, MLB, etc). Companies not using it would be putting themselves at a disadvantage against their competitors. In David Garland’s article How the NHL Has Risen to the Top of Social Media By Being Entrepreneurial he makes a good comparison of the NHL being David and the ‘big guys’ being Goliath, but through their use of social media, the NHL stays relevant.


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It isn’t just specifically the NHL’s social media account. All of the NHL team’s accounts have created an environment for fans to interact with each other and the team. The teams will even have entertaining interactions with each other. Like when the Dallas Stars, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Philadelphia Flyers had this conversation. It’s interactions like these that make NHL fans love their teams even more.


Photo Credits: Google Images

The NHL has also started streaming live games through Twitter for anybody to watch. Yes, this gave people easy access to watch some hockey, but it also brought more traffic through the NHL’s twitter page.

Being interactive with your consumers can lead to real-time feedback as well as offering market research for your company. Whether you like it or not, this is the way all companies are moving. Social media is here, and its here to stay.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

– Nathan Baglin


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Twitter.jpg David and Goliath is a classic tale, but how does the NHL get tangled up in it?

Is the NHL involved in a new take of David and Goliath?

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facebook.png The NHL has always been underdogs compared to other sports, but where do they come out in this new tale of David and Goliath?

Is the NHL involved in a new take of David and Goliath?



6 thoughts on “Is the NHL involved in a new take of David and Goliath?

  1. As many have agreed with the promotion of sports on social media, we sometimes see the true colours of team spirit. The twitter and YOUTube is spewed out in broadcast format for all to view and very little interaction is reciprocated. It has made the sport like Hollywood drama. Like Who is Who and what is trending. Making the reader question the truth of it all.
    I would have liked to see a YOUTube video about your topic. What is your team colours?

  2. Hi Nathan!

    I enjoy your take on the NHL history and social media status of the organization. Being a hockey fan myself, I am interested to see how the league will play out by introducing the Las Vegas Golden Knights. I know social media has not been 100% supportive of the decisions the NHL has made revolving adding a new team.

    What are your opinions on the topic?

    Great work! Good luck throughout the semester.

  3. Hi David, I like the photo of the pucks with the brands on them. Interesting concept of David and Goliath. Whether it’s a new take on the story, what I can say is that it sure feels like David and Goliath when I’m watching the game! I heard that the Sens have a twitter account called @Senators that tweets when they score. It’s kind of neat. Someone told me that in relation to another story about an eel that tweets. When there’s a lot of electricity in the tank generated by the eel, a sensor sends out a tweet.

    I like your tweet because it captures the interest. Have you thought of using hashtags? I only say that b/c I live and breath twitter, it’s my job. And it’s all about the hashtags and mentions. I’m really not trying to be mean, I want to help!

    For example:

    The @NHL has #alwaysbeenunderdogs compared to other sports, but where do they come out in this new tale of #DavidandGoliath ?

  4. Hi Nathan,

    Great post!

    Although I do not follow the NHL programs, I found it interesting. I feel it is a wise move to give their fans the opportunity to follow the NHL players’ and their internal interactions. I believe this demonstrates a thorough understanding of the personal branding and the engagement strategy. I know this will result in more followers to their Social Media platforms.

    As you mentioned, Social Media has given the small businesses a great chance to introduce themselves and with a fraction of the cost of many traditional broadcasting methods; this is a huge benefit. I believe Social Media is the ultimate space to increase mutual interactions between the parties.


  5. Hi Nathan!

    I really like your writing. I think that I mentioned before, I’m not a huge hockey fan but you make it very easy to read about the subject. It’s interesting to hear about how the NHL is involving fans and using social media to stay current. I also like the pictures that you used.


  6. Hi Nathan,

    I don’t watch hockey but I do watch baseball, which is one of the reasons I log onto Twitter more frequently. The interaction and updates during the games not only from the official accounts but also others watching the game adds another element. I really enjoyed the link to the Twitter exchange between the teams; it’s much more fun than a “stuffy” official update.


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