Blog.1 COM0012: A new automotive golden age?


Hi my name is Alexandre, I’m 27 years old and my biggest passion is cars and the automotive industry. I first started to love cars in primary school; I remember it like it was yesterday. During my first class visit to the school library the teacher said, ‘’pick any book you want, just pick something you like’’. The book I selected had a cover I’ll never forget: an apple red 1966 Lamborghini Miura with its doors open, hand made curbs, and the look of a powerful beast. I was mesmerized by the doors shaped to look like bull’s horns, perfectly befitting Lamborghini’s emblem. And from that day on, cars have been my biggest passion.


Eventually, I moved past just admiring the impressive look of cars to studying different aspects of the automotive world. I researched various brands, and compared their financial aspects, prestige, history, engineering, and even the commercials: ‘’Perfect sedan for all the family and friends’’ to the “track ready, lap-time crushing machine!!’’. Specifically, I remember a commercial of a blue Subaru with yellow rally stickers hurtling down a mountain to finish cruising slowly down a city street. I was so impressed with this commercial that I wanted to create one of my own. It’s probably why today I’m so interested in social media. The television was the pinnacle for marketing for the auto industry, the power of visualization is so great. Like in the late 50s, when televisions became a household item there was an automotive boom because the marketing departments focused its efforts to reaching families through TV ads. That, coupled with new technological advancements lead to the ‘’golden age of the car industry’’.


The 1950s to mid 1970s was the golden age of the car industry. Car manufacturers were truly passionate about the machines they where creating. There were few limits to what manufacturers were legally able to do, so they could experiment and create as they pleased. Also at this time, the concept of base models and customization was introduced: “Want a family sedan? Well, here’s the same with a bigger motor, or perhaps the sport version with an even bigger motor?”. *Insert cheesy salesman smile here*. In the racing world Ferrari was winning the Lemans over and over. Then after a business deal gone wrong, Ford decided to create a race car specifically to beat Ferrari. What for? Revenge! How crazy is that? They spent millions upon millions in research just to build a car capable of beating another company! The automotive industry was going out of control, but in the mid 1970’s strict emission regulations, as well as safety and production rules were applied. Creativity changed to simplicity, power to safety and quality build to production.


‘’Electric cars? No, I’m sorry, they are too boring… wait what? Its actually good? But I like big V8’s, the sound is so perfect” “No problem, let’s combine the two together: half gas, half electric’’. A year ago, 3 companies had revolutionized cars. They decided to make a hyper car capable of extreme speed using aerodynamics and F1 technologies to perfection. The McLaren P1, The Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918; these 3 titans are the first of hybrid hyper-cars. Half gas and half electric, they changed the perspective of all petrol heads. Who knew that an 800HP+ car could be as fuel efficient as a little Toyota Corolla? And then news came out that Bugatti was breaking speed records. Koenigsegg created a car with no transmission, a carbon fibre body, and even invented carbon fibre wheels that you can lift with your pinky finger! I see more and more car companies creating affordable cars that are fun and powerful, meant to keep you on edge. Endless super cars that defy physics on the daily, with their technologies and hyper cars that are true pieces of art and future advancement! This level of creativity is reminiscent of the golden age – before all the restrictions strangled developers. As well, social media has created a new marketing revolution similar to that seen in the 60s/70s with TV ads; more and more people are simply turning to the internet for their media and amusement and car companies have changed their approach to meet their target audience. Ford even recreated a new race car to try and win the Lemans just for the nostalgia and fun of it. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new automotive golden age.


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4 thoughts on “Blog.1 COM0012: A new automotive golden age?

  1. Hi Alex,

    I really enjoyed reading this piece. I agree with now becoming a new golden age for cars. Technology is off the charts nowadays and companies are willing to push it to the limits. I like how you related it to yourself on a more personal level, you can really tell how much you enjoy cars. Keep up the good work!

  2. You had me hooked I wanted to know more. We have all had that dream car. You know the Loto question, what car if money was no object. The flow was easy to read and made sense. I would have liked to see more of the words you, us, and we. This would have helped to build engagement and interaction. Thank you for sharing your passion.

  3. Great work Alex!

    Your article drew me in and left me wanting to know more! The use of images was very efficient and perfectly placed.

    I, myself, also love cars. My father is a mechanic, which is one of the reasons I grew up watching NASCAR. Every year I go to multiple races and have formed connections with engineers and others in the sport. These opportunities have given me the chance to learn what work goes into a race car and how teams can make their car more competitive.

  4. Nice work Alex,

    I am a big fan of german cars. My favorite is BMW GT which is not very popular.
    I liked your article it gives me a smooth and short journey on cars history and their future.
    The style you chose for explaining the content is simple and engaging.

    Keep up the good work.


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