Personal Reflection

What is story telling? Why is it so important in my life?

Story telling in my opinion is the ability to convey meaningful messages to one another either orally, written, or graphical.

For a start, being able to communicate in a meaningful way is part of both my professional life and my personal life. I’m in the advertising industry, therefore the art of storytelling is important in my line of work in order to get our client’s message across to millions of consumers across two countries. We want to tell consumers all about our client and why they do what they do and why current consumers love what they do.

In terms of digital content, story telling gets even more advanced and competitive because you have to tell a story that will engage people and connect them to the things they love or lead them to some discovery. Engaging in meaningful story telling online today involves many tricks of the trade to get all the attention. Using video, photos, creative drawings, and catchy phrases are tools of digital story telling that we must all learn to use. It is no longer enough to simply tell a tale, people want to see it, hear it, and feel it in order to really connect with the words.

These are the types of stories I would like to be able to tell my audiences. I expect them to acknowledge my words, see the meaning behind them and feel it.

For example, I love chicken noodle soup. If I were to write a blog about chicken noodle soup I would start by telling my audience about my very first time trying it and summarize that the reason I chose to eat it in the first place was because I had a terrible cold with a fever and chills, I thought it tasted like rosemary and roast chicken which I love and it was nice and hot which was soothing on my throat. Lastly, I want to always have a can in my cupboard for the next time I get sick because I loved the warmth, taste and comfort it brought me. I would also include a photo of my bowl of soup and the brand can it came from. I feel that a lot of people can connect with this story because just from reading my words, they can visualize it, taste it (literally if they have a can at home too), and can share the same experience.

Thanks for reading.





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