Out of the Box: Post #4

There have been many advances in digital communications over the past decade. However, none have surprised me as much as Facebook has.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.47.27 PM

2004 Original Facebook brand page: Forbes.com- 


Facebook exploded after 2004 as one of the most popular social media platforms for all ages. Then in recent years people assumed Facebook was just for older generations. Now, Facebook is constantly reinventing itself to keep its millions of members. In 2009 they developed a real-time live stream for posting and introduced the “status update” (Forbes.com, 2017). In 2010 Facebook was booming for the advertising industry and the entertainment industry, celebrities and companies began utilizing Facebook as a social campaign platform to ask their customers and fans one of the most crucial questions: “Do you like us?” (Forbes.com, 2017). Then in 2011 Facebook introduced their video chat,and the “time-line” that people and businesses could now openly allow others to visualize their lives and brands with photos, and albums (Forbes.com, 2017). By 2012 Facebook developed their app centre which now drove users to discover other social media content (including their own Instagram) and of course games (Forbes.com, 2017). Today they have enabled more advanced algorithims for their live video content and video in VR 360 mode and pushed users to be able to discover new content every day that is easily accessible and searchable. They have also developed the ability to buy goods directly through Facebook and you can donate to charities right from their platform (Facebook.com, 2017).

Facebook has evolved to become a social powerhouse and can act as a data archive on users and allow companies to participate in the best form of social listening among some of the sites with the best audience reach.

What do you think of Facebook’s evolution? Surprised or did you see it coming?

See link below for some more images of Facebook’s evolution:


See this link for more info on Facebook’s new look:







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