COM0014 – Blog #7 – Personal Reflection

Storytelling through social media allows us to connect with our audience in a very real and relevant way.  Much different than simply posting content, storytelling requires a focused understanding of how to share meaningful information in an authentic and resonating way, while knowing who our audience is and how best to communicate with them.

As the Communications Coordinator at a rural community health centre, connecting with clients, local residents and community partners through storytelling will be at the heart of our digital communications.  Through storytelling, we can share personal client testimonials highlighting the benefits of community programs and clinical services.  We can connect others to allied programs, resources and social services.  We can speak honestly about the challenges the community has faced without adequate health care provision in the past, and how the establishment and operation of the community health centre has been able to make a difference in the lives of so many.

In a rural township, it is necessary to be genuine and transparent when developing trusting relations.  The same would hold true to our digital communications.  The stories I want to share with our audience will be authentic, purposeful and compassionate and inspire hope for a healthier community.


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