COM 0014 Blog #7 – Creating Digital Content

Creating great digital content is much harder than I originally thought it would be. I have been responsible for implementing social media for my organization for a year and a half now and the thing I struggle with most is content creation. I work in an industry where the majority of our material is technical, a lot of it is confidential and our social media program has been met with resistance. Through this course, I realized that I may be able to rely less on the help of the technical staff members by telling a story rather than requiring all of the nitty gritty technical details.

As we learned in this class, sharing stories helps bring people together; it is a way to passionately and clearly communicate your content in a format that is universally understood. I want to tell the story of why space research and technology should be important to everyone.  Many people don’t realize how omnipresent and deeply integrated space is in our daily lives; Canadians rely on space systems to navigate almost every aspect of modern life. Using examples of the space systems we rely on, I will weave the story of the importance of investment in the space sector to Canadians and to all citizens of the world.


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