Why I Am The Way I AM

You want a piece of me?

If writer John Jantsch asked me the  question “What about your childhood shaped you for this moment?” my answer would be the following:

Being the kid in the corner made me who I am today as a person which carries over into my professional life. Looking back on my childhood , I was always the odd one out, the nerdy kid, the weird kid. My parents thought I was weird, my brothers made fun of me, other classmates made fun of me it seemed like something I should be ashamed of. But I wasn’t in fact, I didn’t even care. By high school I had made friends with other individuals who were just like me. By the time university rolled around I was fully embracing my nerdiness and weirdness.

I noticed that all that time, I had actually excelled at developing my communication skills and could hold enlightening and educational conversations about an array of topics that provided more learning than simply chatting about how drunk I want to get at the next house party. I also had many opportunities pass along to me because of who I was. I got to become the President of the Medieval Students’ Society because of my passion for medieval history that extended beyond the classroom. That was a huge achievement for me that really made me realize I was proud of who I was and that I could use it to my advantage in any career path.

Today in my current career, I have been able to apply my unique perspective on important decisions when buying media for our client. I was able to prove that my experience and knowledge in a variety of topics makes me unique in my own rights.






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