Our Greatest Achievement

Ask a classroom of Kindergartners what they want to be when they grow up and at least one will say “Astronaut!” The mystery and the excitement of blasting into space on a rocket ship and exploring the unknown is extremely exciting to young children. As they get older, most children change their minds and forget about their dreams of becoming an astronaut, but for the founder and CEO of Company A, the dream and excitement of contributing to the advancement of space exploration never left him.

Company A was founded in 1990 and initially focussed on providing software development and engineering management consulting services. With the space sector always in the back of their minds, management soon recognized a need developing at NASA for a machine vision system to help astronauts assemble the International Space Station. In 1992, Company A received funding from the Canadian Space Agency to build the Advanced Space Vision System, the first personal computer-based real time machine vision system ever produced. Building on that success, Company A delivered a more advanced system that was successfully used by NASA on the space shuttle Atlantis to install a docking module onto the Russian MIR space station.

All of that was very exciting, but Company A’s greatest achievement came in 1995 with the win of its first NASA contract, a contract to develop and deliver Space Vision Systems to help inspect the Space Shuttle and ensure the safe return of astronauts from orbit. Since then, Company A personnel have supported over 40 Shuttle Missions and logged over 30,000 hours of mission support for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. The CEO’s dream of contributing to the advancement of space exploration had been realized, proving that with determination, hard work and an excellent team – dreams can become reality!

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