COM0015 | Blog post #4 | Out of the Box

Unexpected applications in this new and exciting world, is they we are networking using the messaging feature on social media channels to do business.

Both Linkedin and Facebook offer a convenient feature to chat and send messages with associates and friends in real time. Rather than e-mail and expecting a response in delayed time, the method of instant message is a real boost to productivity.  With Linkedin I network with knowledge experts to obtain a response to a question or a service, especially if I do not know their e-mail, which is often the case.

As the owner of an iPhone 5s, I have had discussions with clients and associates using the text message feature from my desktop workstation (MacBook pro/Mac mini) to a smart phone anywhere (recently with a client in Toronto) … the beauty of this it doesn’t matter the Operating System the other phone is using. The seamless integration with the chat on the iPhone and the desktop is very handy when you need to share and image, video or a concept and obtain a response has improved my business productivity.

Instagram with disappearing images, videos once they have been seen is a fascinating feature that may have a business use … not sure but this is to be examined.

As video is increasing integrated into the various applications, is see opportunities that fit with the B2B, C2B, B2C interaction in doing business on an instant on demand requirement in the case when a urgent decision is required.

While I personally have not used the Facebook live video feature, I can see a potential use for this feature in providing business services with clients. On that note, I recall a moment years ago when i was introduced to a client’s supervisor, in a 20 second elevator speech i sold the supervisor 10K of training. I can see the potential use of Twitter and other social media channels as a way of posting elevator type videos to sell services. Mind you people have been using their Youtube accounts to promote their services for years.

What I see is a cross pollination of promotional media to each social media outpost, the significance of this to social media is anybodies guess.


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