COM0015 | Blog post #3 | Professional Networking now and in the future

Present strategy

Using Linkedin and Facebook I flip through competitors social outpost and comment on those that are relevant to my mind set. The majority of the time, content is typical, however, once in while I find interesting tidbits that expand my knowledge and all me to reconnect with past associates and make new ones.

Twitter has been an interesting experiment for me, I follow people and organizations that interest me, and from time to time either like or retweet a post. This outpost continues to be a work in progress for me, however, since enrolling in this Social Media Program, I have increased my Twitter followers 53 to 108. To the extend I will use twitter for advertising, that will depend upon future contracts and clients.

I am a solopreneur, as such I run my business all on my own, challenging at times but rewarding as it enables me to work on a variety of projects. Most of my work time is spent in my home office, however, once a week I make out to Bridgehead on Anderson, off Preston street. The majority of the time it is an opportunity to work in a different space and be able to develop fresh ideas. Recently, at Bridgehead, just as I was packing up to leave, a woman sat down at the table next to me. As she was setting up to work she placed a document beside her computer, the title on the document was something like “Social Media – a strategy for Addecco”. I commented to her that I am developing a Digital Approach for National Research Council, Office of Energy Efficiency (NRCan OEE). During our brief chat I found out she was let go from the City of Ottawa in November 2016, well one thing led to another. I explained my history of work with at the City of Ottawa and on a standing offer, as well the people we know that work and worked there. We exchanged names and have since connected on Linkedin. She suggested we get together and talk strategy.

The key to striking up a conversation is finding that common ground, much like a 30 sec elevator speech when being introduced to someone for the first time. I was awarded a number of projects through by chance meetings and introductions. This is a strategy I will continue to employ. Because of my position as a part time brand ambassador for Keurig, striking up a conversation with a stranger has been increasing easier and quite enjoyable, 3 months ago I reconnected with an old colleague I worked with a the City of Ottawa in late 80’s.

Activities and commitments

I will continue to peruse Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to the extent that I find these useful. This Social Media program has lit a fire under my but to use social media more and more. Although, I know one agency that barely uses social media and they are quite busy.

Through out the year as networking events occur my future goal is commit to participating and networking at events that I find can potentially expand my knowledge and network. On a monthly basis, I take in an online webinar that enhances my skills and expertise with respect to digital strategy, social media and software.

The essential challenge I currently have, I am employed as a full time contractor with NRCan OEE to develop a Digital Approach for the OEE, this runs until March 2018. My strategy is to work in concert with OEE’s internal and external stakeholders by meeting and exceeding the contract deliverables, hopefully, this will lead to a new contract or opportunity for a full-time position.

Ultimately, at 64 years young my goal is to work until I am 70-72 and evolve my digital approach to business in the online world in-conjunction with social media.

It is a brave new world online!


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