COM0015 – Blog #3: Professional Networking Now and in the Future

I have just started focusing some of my attention on creating professional relationships.  My main focus has been getting my name out there.  I’ve been joining the Facebook groups of organizations that could help take my career to the next level.  Not only does it help keep me abreast of ongoing library trends and spark ideas for my current position but it also allows me to get them noticing my name by commenting on their posts and sharing their content.  If an opportunity become available within their library, I believe being viewed as a library advocate and lover will give me a cutting edge.

In person I make sure to take time to go to the local libraries by either browsing material or joining in one of their programs.  I take advantage of the fact that I have a young daughter that I can take with me to children’s programs.  It’s great for us to get out, especially in the winter months, and it also allows me to attach a face to my name and get to know some of the staff.

Additionally, I’ve been attending free webinars that are of interest to me.  They are easy to attend and a great addition to my current training.  They are put on by the library association, so it also gets me familiar with some of the presenters and the other individuals who are participating in the webinar.  It’s a win-win situation as I get to learn new things and I put my name out there for others to see my commitment and interest in the public library system.

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