Assignment #5 – Event Participation

The professional development event that I decided to participate in was an online webinar about 2017 Spring Book Club picks.  I found the event through the Ontario Library Association (OLA) website.

It was presented by Dewey Divas and the Dudes, including speakers from publishers HarperCollins and Penguin Random House Canada.  There wasn’t quite as much interacting as I expected.  The listeners could not contribute with audio but could ask question through a group chat.  It was focused for library workers, specifically those who run or organize book clubs. There were over 50 participants from various Ontario libraries.

Although I do not run a book club at my library, the information I was provided with is great for reader advisory purposes.  With a busy family life, I find it hard to read outside of my genre.  This webinar provided a great way for me to get some wonderful book picks for those looking for their next great read.

More importantly, I left with some great information about upcoming webinars and the career development opportunities provided by the OLA.  They offer a certificate program that is obtained by participating in varied library learning activities.  I had not realized how much I can learn through the OLA, sometimes at no charge.

My quotable quotepic1 was made by the webinar host from OLA when introducing Dewey Divas and the Dudes.  The webinar hosts says “they have recommended more than 3,000 different books.  If these books were put on a shelf they would be as long as a football field.”

I will absolutely be joining more webinars hosted by the OLA in the future.  It is a great way to make me more knowledgeable in my field.  It was also enjoyable and laid-back so I could see myself fitting it into my busy family schedule.  Although this one didn’t offer a lot of opportunities for participation, I look forward to joining one that would be more hands on.  I also have started to think about participating in the certificate program the OLA offers, and these webinars would count towards the completion of that.  It was another great opportunity to put myself out there and learn about the online opportunities that are available to me.



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