COM 0014 Post 7 Personal Reflection

Storytelling goes back to the very beginning of the human experience and for much of our history it was how we learned, in many cases we still learn this way. There is an expectation about storytelling in that people sense that what they are about to be told is important or highly entertaining. The point is that storytelling is special and if you tell a story people will listen and give it greater weight than the usual noise that is out there. There is so much information out there now and so many people trying to be heard that it takes special skills to break through and to have your voice clearly heard and to be listened to. Storytelling is a great way to do just that. When you tell your story you can build your personal brand and that leads to another important lesson. Your personal brand should be just that. Personal. By connecting with your digital audience in a very real and personal way, through the medium of storytelling you will reach more people and they will relate to you better.

Your business has its’ own unique story and telling that along with humanizing it by engaging staff that write in a personal manner will make your business feel more real to people and people tend to gravitate to that which is familiar and comfortable. Hopefully, that will be you and your business.

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