COM0015 – Blog #3 Professional Networking Now and in the Future

Being fairly new to the world of professional networks, I have not created a strategy for myself as of yet. I am more interested in creating a strategy for the company that I work for, Open Options Corporation.

LinkedIn Logo

Currently we have a LinkedIn account and that is about it for our social media presence. I am hoping to revamp our LinkedIn profile and add more to it to make it more interesting to prospective clients. It is lacking content, photos, videos and members.

As a small strategy consulting firm, having a Facebook and Instagram would not benefit us or our clients very much, but we have talked about creating a Twitter account. We are in a very specialized field and creating a social media strategy plan is proving to be difficult. Coming up with relevant content to post on a regular basis is a challenge.

As for commitments that we would like to make in the future, we would like to find ourselves at consulting conferences all over the world. There is the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. There is also the Change Management conference. And more locally, in Hamilton, Ontario, there is the National Strategy Consulting Competition and Conference which is open to university students, but as a company that specializes in, we would likely be able to get involved in that conference.


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