COM0014 – Blog 6 – Do People Know Your Story?

Q: What about your childhood shaped you for this moment?

A: Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a special relationship with the written word. As an only child, books were one of my favourite past times as they allowed me to meet new friends, travel to other worlds and learn of the magic that existed all around me. FoxThey helped me to pay attention to the beautiful details that made up every moment, which later helped me to write descriptive editorial content and capture beautiful photographic moments.

I can recall being about six years old when I started putting pen to paper and watched as words spilled out of me so quickly that I had to almost catch them in mid-air. Creativity was a muse that visited me often and I was like a channel for its ideas to be born through. I have learned over the years that what is created through me is sometimes beyond me – that when the creative spirit strikes I need to be ready to harness its horsepower.

I am adept at using the creative spirit to help others tell their stories and to find unique solutions for my clients and their editorial projects. I was born with a highly developed sense of empathy and have an ability to listen beyond words. With this heightened awareness, I can help others to find their authentic voice and to unlock stories about themselves and their company that will help them connect with their audience on a deeper level.

If you’re looking for a creative marketing story for your company, then look no further. As an experienced writer, editor and digital storyteller, I can help you bring new and inspiring ideas to life and your creative visions through to fruition.


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