COM-0014: Blog #5 ~ Making an Impression


The space industry is often described in terms of feast or famine, and retaining a job in times of “famine” can often be difficult for employees in non-technical roles.  Building new skills and the drive to take on a multi-faceted role have been a means establishing my personal brand and maintaining job security in times of uncertainty.

Just last week, I successfully completed a full redesign of our corporate website. I managed the project from end to end, coordinated the efforts of all involved and ensured the work was completed within deadlines. Handling this very important project and having done it well has made me stand out to Senior Management and demonstrated to others that I am capable of taking on more.

Through my collaboration with other people on this project including colleagues in the Marketing Department, various engineers, the SEO company we hired and even the CEO I was constantly being praised for my approachable, thorough and conscientious approach to the project.

My impeccable writing skills are something that have come in handy in all areas of my work and are certainly something I think makes me stand out and secures my position as the perfect candidate to be writing on behalf of the company for web and social media purposes.

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