COM0014 Post 5 Personal Brand – Endless Possibilities

In today’s workforce where contracts have replaced full-time employment and job stability is becoming a thing of the past, it’s important for us to remain adaptable and to build new skills. This new economic reality has piqued my interest on alternative ways of living and I have made it my mission to discover new possibilities for carving out a simple and happy life.

Since starting my career 15-years ago, I have met numerous individuals who have chosen to live life a little differently. These individuals work cooperatively in business, live in sustainable homes, thrive on community building and are blazing their own trails.


I believe that some of the biggest problems facing Canadians today can be resolved through alternative living. Loneliness, the unbalance between our personal and work lives and the rising cost-of-living are just some of the factors that keep us stuck on the hamster wheel of life. But what if we had an alternative? What if we had access to affordable housing, utilities and food that allowed us to work at a job we enjoyed (but not too much)? What if we had a community of support around us that helped us to accomplish our goals? What if could leave the world better than we found it?

Join me as I visit Canadian residents from coast to coast who are adapting to life’s changing circumstances with confidence. As a seasoned journalist and digital storyteller, I am profiling some of Canada’s most inspiring alternative-lifestyle stories while asking hard-hitting questions about individual motivations, successes, failures, economics and tips of the trade. For a matter-of-fact approach to green building, conscious consumerism and cooperative living, stop by this blog regularly. If you enjoy Canadian-inspired feature stories, how-to instructional videos and investigative journalism, I’ll have that too. I have spent my career trying to inspire others (and myself) about the importance of living authentically, creatively, simply and in spirit. I have a knack for listing beyond words and for capturing stories that are deeply genuine and relatable. I pride myself on telling it like it is and promise to give it to you real. Every time.


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