What Happened to Common Sense on Social Media

I have two children and when they were younger they never wanted for technology.  I believed that it was important for them to be exposed at a young age so they’d be ready for life.  They were both given cell phones at the age of 10.  That was the age they began to get more freedom and it was my way of feeling more secure so I could reach them when I needed to.  We had an agreement that when I called, they answer the phone or the phone was gone.  To this day, they still answer when I call.

Why close doors on your future?

I also told them with their phone, computer, iPad, xBox, etc. came responsibility.  I believe if kids are going to have this technology and have access to Social Media they need to be taught what it can and can’t be used for.  I have been really lucky with both of my children that they share pretty well everything with me and are both very smart when it comes to social media (maybe they had a good teacher).  I warned that in advance that when they are using social media, what they post is there for life.  My daughter would like to be in law enforcement of some type in the future and what she does in high school can affect her future career choices.   What they might think is cool now, may not be cool to a future employer.  I am shocked by some of the things kids post on social media and I worry about what their future holds.  One day they will regret posting those photos on the internet for the world to see.  Here is a useful article with tips on how to monitor your children on social media.

Are your posts seen as negativity?

Have you every posted your negative thoughts about something that happened to you or about someone’s business on social media?  When I see bashing of other businesses on social media, it makes me leary of doing business with that person.  For some reason, negativity gets everyone commenting on social media but you are taking a chance of loosing customers.  Unless negativity is your brand, it’s best to stay positive.  If negativity is directed at your business here is a link to some good advice.

Controversial subjects.

People posting controversial subjects on social media which can also be risky if you plan on finding a job in the future or doing business with people.  You can loose customers if they don’t share your views.  American politics these days can be a real divider.  You just don’t know who you will offend.  My views will stay private.  This is an interesting article on Controversial subjects to avoid.

I’m leaving town for 10 days!

My all time favorite is the trip announcement.  The family photo on the plane headed away for 10 days in the sun.  I hope you categorize all of your contacts so that only close trusted friends will see these posts otherwise everyone on your friends list will see that your home is empty.  Here are some good tips about what posts to avoid while traveling.

I could go on but you get the idea.  Think before you post on social media. What kind of posts do you think should not be shared on social media?

Facebook Post:  What you post on Facebook today may come back to bite you in the future? Link to article

Twitter Post:  What are you posting on Twitter?  Think before you post.   Link to article

Featured Image:  https://pixabay.com/en/doors-choices-choose-open-decision-1767564/

Images:  https://pixabay.com/en/positive-be-positive-smile-smiling-725842/

4 thoughts on “What Happened to Common Sense on Social Media

  1. I agree with you on this. It amazes me at what people will post on social media. To go along with your line of thinking with your post, I also agree that it’s amazing how many people e haven’t adjusted their privacy settings, especially with Facebook. It’s too bad because the premise of social media is to be, well, social.

    • I’m also amazed that some people will accept friend requests from anyone and put all of their friends in the line of fire when thier profile is copied. I’m sure we all know someone who does this. I’ve been using Facdbook for my business for years and you tend to build up a lot of friends.

  2. I think that you’ve given your children some great advice! I find that for the most part, the teens that I know do a good job of posting only the “right” things on social media. I do however know a few people in their 30’s and older who use social media quite often for negativity. Sometimes to complain about the service at a local business, or even their own family members! Keeping things positive is the way to go for sure in my opinion, I’d rather not be known for complaining.

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