COM0014 Post 5 Personal Brand

I have chosen a post retirement second career as a retirement lifestyle coach. There are very few people doing this type of much needed coaching but even then I think that I have a distinct advantage in that I am driven to do this, a calling if you will. The others may have good information and advice but I have seen the damage that can be done by not properly planning and preparing for retirement. My own parents had very successful careers and lives until they retired but they simply didn’t know how to transition and the results were not at all good. I promised myself that would not happen to me and my planning and research ultimately took on a life of its own. Yes, there is money to be made doing this but that is not the motivating factor. People talk about my passion for the subject and how well informed I am. I think this is the key to my personal brand. I don’t want anyone to make the mistakes that my parents, and a close friend did, and it shows.

I am most proud of when I offer advice to someone that is lost about what to do with their lives after they leave their careers. I have literally seen relief wash over peoples faces when you tell them how they can plan and make the transition to a new life. I guess the bottom line is that this is not something I do, it is who I am in many ways. I am good with that! 🙂


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