COM0015 – Blog #2 Strong and Weak Organizations

Strong Organization

An example of an organization that has a strong social media strategy would be the Toronto Blue Jays. For many years, the Blue Jays were floundering. Their viewership and stadium attendance was dismal. The team itself lacked heart and soul and wasn’t performing very well at all. That all changed in the 2015 season when they made an extraordinary comeback after the trade deadline in August when they acquired some no name, all star players.

With fans starting to pay more attention to the Blue Jays, their social media coverage began to explode with the team. I love baseball and have been an avid Blue Jays fan ever since I can remember, I follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They have lead impressive hashtag campaigns with #cometogether, #ourmoment, #lovethisteam and a new one for the 2017 season #letsrise. These hashtags bring people together and let them share their love for baseball with others. Last year when the Blue Jays were doing well late into the season, I felt like I could go up to anyone and talk about the Blue Jays and they would know what was going on, even people who aren’t normally into baseball. When sports teams do well, it really brings people together, and the Toronto Blue Jays have grabbed onto their popularity and have done an impressive job with their social media platform.

Weak Organization

On the other end of the spectrum, my husband works for a small print shop in Kitchener, Ontario which is run by a baby boomer who has owned the shop for 35 years. My husband has been their for a just over a year and feels like the print shop would benefit greatly from a social media strategy. The printing business is not nearly as popular as it once was, but there is still a small market for it and they do well. The shop is located in a a city with two large universities nearby. There is a massive student population that they are not marketing to. They do have a Twitter, a Facebook and an Instagram but never mapped out any strategies to properly and consistently use them. If they were to use these social media tools effectively, they could be engaging the students who live close by and start to bring more business into their shop.

Their objectives should be:

  • Use appropriate and creative hash tags to grow their social media audience
  • Direct products and services to the large student population
  • Celebrate the clients they already have

In order to implement these objectives, they need to create a consistent social media strategy that would see them posting more frequently on their social media platforms. They need to outline creative and engaging ways to share their products and services and try to reach their untapped student customers.


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