COM0011 – Roleplaying: Being more then yourself

Imagine. A world of magic and dragons, or a world of androids and space battles. Imagine being able to do something you normally couldn’t be able to do. Well, to an extent, it is possible for us to live these fantasies. Through roleplay.

Roleplaying is and has been a hobby of mine for a few months now. And it has become a huge part of my life.

On Discord, I joined a roleplay server with an alien species called “Florans”,  basically anthropomorphic plants who have a savage history. My character, Thorn, was different. He didn’t like to kill, and was a blacksmith, meaning that if he wasn’t careful, there was a chance he could burn up. When he was driven away, he eventually arrived at Lanzl’s clearing. There he smithed, laughed, played, and eventually, got married and planted their child. Because plants. Long story short, his wife got kidnapped and, when Thorn finally reached the kidnapper, was beheaded in front of him. He died shortly after, but not before crippling the tribe.

The reason I told you that is because, on the night of Thorn’s death, I sobbed. Over the few months I spent roleplaying as him, he became a part of me. And on that night, my heart shattered at his passing.

01 SB RP 01.92 Murcieligroso - Thorn.png

Artwork of Thorn with the first knife he forged himself.

One thought on “COM0011 – Roleplaying: Being more then yourself

  1. Reilley. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s interesting to me how we can become so attached to an imaginary character. I recently watched a YouTube video about young girls that were joining virtual dating sites. Meaning they were dating fictional characters and the believed they were truly in love. This scared me being a mom of two millenials. I think we are too attached to our technology. My motherly advise is to go outside and create your own reality…without your game.

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