It’s the first sunny and reasonably warm weekend of the year where, after several fake-outs, spring actually looks like it’s going to happen. People are noticeably happier; they walk with a lighter step; birds are chirping; and snow is starting to melt quickly in the warmth of the sun.

It’s a day where my list book beckons me to start spring planning: spring cleaning; garden to organize; clothes to cull and to buy; Easter lunch for 19 people; summer vacation. But even though I love planning and making lists, today lacks the motivation to do all the very things I know I need to do.

The word “lackadaisical” means lazy, lethargic, or listless. And today is definitely a day to be list-less (See what I did there?). The sunshine’s call is louder and a long walk allows me to simply enjoy the day for what it is. It’s a day to give pause and let the brain and spirit regenerate by resting. It’s a day to let creativity re-build instead of deplete. It’s a day to catch up with my family after a crazy week of work, school, social commitments and lessons.

Despite initial howls of protest from my kids due to a day-long moratorium on screens, they have settled into their books and share interesting tidbits with us about anecdotes they find interesting. The conversation is easy and relaxed with none of the time constraints that usually hurry it along. A third cup of coffee feels relaxing, not necessary (as it usually does), and the caffeine has a chance to truly flow through my body making me feel like I can accomplish anything, which will be nothing.

As someone who works in the communications world, there is a feeling to be always be “on”: always checking social media, always making a list of ideas, and always feeling a need to be planning. As countless articles, posts, and other blogs attest, unplugging is essential to quality life. But it’s not only that. It’s essential for quality of work too. After a walk, my mind feels clear. Being at the cottage replenishes my spirit. Hanging out with my kids makes my soul feel happy and being with my husband makes my heart feel full and content. All of this helps the strategic, creative process that makes me a better communicator. And in a world that’s always feels go-go-go, it’s just as important to be lazy and list-less every now and then.



One thought on “Lackadaisical

  1. Ah! Vitamin D. The Spring sun doesn’t excite me like it does most people and I’m not one to unplug very often because its what I enjoy doing. I don’t have the same kind of life that most people can enjoy since I am not allowed in the sun for medical reasons. I have to find things to do inside and I know most people would feel trapped in my life but I’ve had this life since I was 13. It’s what I know and have accepted. I wish I could go out and soak up the sun but I will just load up on Vitamin D pills instead and sit in the shade.

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