COM0015 | Blog post #2 | Strong and Weak Organizations

A weak organization |
Office of Energy Efficiency | NRCan

I was drawn to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE), in part because of because of the job I have with them and because I am personally interested in energy efficiency. I am tired of paying ridiculously high prices for electricity to the government of Ontario. Although, the Government of Ontario and NRCan’s OEE are not tied to each other from a legislative and organization aspect, they are intrinsically link as stakeholders to Energy Efficiency in Canada.

Using the search term “National Research Council Office of Energy Efficiency” on the main Social Media Sites:

Twitter: No results.
Facebook: No results related to Canada in the top tier.
Youtube: Nothing related to OEE.

Using the search term “The Office of Energy Efficiency” on the main Social Media Sites:

Twitter: Posts on Energy Star Canada, One post from OEE.
FacebookThere is a page, but no posts, looks like it needs to be populated.
Youtube: Some video’s related to NRCan, none specifically to the OEE

NRCan’s OEE current Social Media Strategy is inconsistent and lacks a coordinated approach.

By developing a Social Media Strategy that communicates clear and consistent messaging, consolidating and highlighting compelling digital information, NRCan’s OEE will actively engage and inform stakeholders and the general public on energy efficiency and alternative fuel opportunities and benefits.

A strong organization |
Heart and Stroke

Personally, I feel life is a precious commodity, where our heart plays a pivotal role in the physical and mental well being our very lives. I am drawn to the Heart and Stroke organization in Canada because it reminds Canadians regularly of those facts through engagement campaigns using social media.

The video’s and stories on Youtube, TwitterFacebook and Instagram are compelling and engaging reminders that our lives are precious, each Social Media site has followers in the thousands. Contributing to the Heart and Stroke foundation is good for you, for your family for everyone. All lives matter.

The efforts of the Heart and Stroke foundation saves lives through on going initiatives, creates engagement and calls to action.

As they say:

Life. We do not want you to miss it.

A model organization to follow when it comes to using Social Media.

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