COM-0014 Blog #4 B2C Case Study: Coca-Cola, doing social media right!


The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, with more than 500 different brands and consumers in more than 200 countries drinking 1.9 billion servings of coca-cola products each day. That’s insane… 1.9 billion servings each and every day!

While, Coca-Cola was already a popular and well established brand long before social media, they’ve also mastered the art of social media.  Browse the Twitter feeds and Facebook pages of other popular food and beverage companies (I am talking about you, Tim Hortons) and you’ll see a whole lot of people complaining and yes maybe the moderators are responding, but the overwhelming feeling you get is that people aren’t happy with the service or products they’re receiving.

With more than a million followers on  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and over 45,000 followers on Instagram Coca-Cola definitely has their work cut out for them. Managing communities of that size cannot be easy, but it looks like they’re doing it well.

  1. They interact with their customers: A huge part of their Twitter feed is direct replies to people. Some of them are in response to customer service complaints, but a lot of them are just in reply to consumers and fans that tweet positive things at Coca-Cola.
  2. They are telling a story: Coca-Cola’s social media pages are not just to push out marketing messages. They target holidays, sporting events things everyone can relate to and weave their marketing messages subtly into a story. They really are making Coca-Cola an experience rather than just a drink.
  3. They even ditched their corporate website for “Coca-Cola Journey” a digital magazine and publishing channel where they tell the Coca-Cola story and publish user-generated content.
  4. They involve their followers in campaigns to generate content for them. Recently, they asked Facebook fans to go to their site,, design and buy a custom bottle of Coca-Cola with the logo of their favourite college basketball team and then submit photos and videos with Coca-Cola for a chance to be featured on Coca-Cola Journey.

Whether it’s on Coca-Cola Journey, or on social media platforms, Coca-Cola has an upbeat and fun social media presence that makes you want to join in and be part of their community.

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