COMM0014 – Post 4 B2C Case Study

For this post I decided to check out a company that has a very close relationship to their customers or “members” and that is Costco. I am a member myself but I don’t recall a really robust social media presence. However, when I went on to their main website ( ) I was absolutely shocked to find that they didn’t have any social media links! Near the bottom of the main web page is the Customer Service line complete with a Follow header but no links. Not impressive for a company that it is always talking about the benefits of membership.

I had to look up their Facebook account. When I got there I did see that their SM customer care team was responding to comments, particularly negative ones. However, I was not impressed by the content. It was just a bunch of product advertising. There is nothing wrong with that but as the lesson taught us to” focus on how peoples’ lives can be improved with your products and services”. Costco is missing a great opportunity to connect with their members and to build that all important relationship. I also noted that the responses to comments were highly specific to the complaint but never seemed to engage people beyond what was bothering them at the time. The Costco team had just established a direct contact with a member and should have asked if there was anything else they could do for them or to ask them about their other Costco experiences. They seem to treat social media as an online complaint department instead of the great marketing and research tool that it could be. Too bad for them.




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