COM0015 – Blog #2: Strong and Weak Organizations

The two strong organizations whose social media plan I admire is the Wasaga Beach Public Library and an adorable local ice cream shop called Grandma’s Beach Treats.  I follow both on social media and a huge reason why I find both impressive when it comes to their social media strategy is their consistency.  Both are active on Facebook and Twitter primarily.  They seem to have a thought out strategy by consistently posting relevant information.

Most of us locals are connecting through social media with Grandma’s Beach Treats because they have created a great social media campaign they call the “name game”.  Every single day they post a name of the day early in the morning.  If it’s your name then you are invited to a free ice cream, butter tart or hot drink.  Grandma’s Beach Treats has a great reputation for yummy items so there are a lot of people who do go in to receive their free treat.  In many cases they bring along their families so common name days can draw a pretty big crowd.  They make sure that they take advantage of their large following by posting relevant content such as their participation in a butter tart festival (yum!) and new items added to their menus.  They also make customers aware of their community involvement through social media.  For me, it makes me happy to be supporting a local business who is also giving back locally.

The Wasaga Beach Public Library (WBPL) is another organization whose social media strategy impresses me.  They are extremely consistent posting once or twice a day on Facebook and typically once a day on Twitter.  The posts are very well written and personable.  They feel authentic and friendly.  It can be difficult for libraries to post so often without boring people with the same old content, but the Wasaga Beach Public Library does a great job of posting the perfect amount of everything.  They have WBPL program and event info, fun facts, community events and info, author events, library and literature news and fun contests.  Who doesn’t like winning things?!?

The organization that I wish would adopt a social media strategy is the Wasaga Beach Ministerial Food Bank.  The food bank is such an important part of our community and they need volunteers and support to reach as many low income individuals as possible.  They currently do have a Facebook page but their posts are few and far between, the last one being in September 2016.  I feel if they put a good plan in place they would reach more people; both volunteers and people in need.  Food bank users could get information without having to call, which may be intimidating or embarrassing.  In the past they have posted items that they are in need of, but they could do that more consistently.  They could also encourage donations by shouting out people or groups that have made a big donation, small contests to reach giving goals, and user testimonials for a pull on the heart strings.  I think they should start with Facebook and Twitter and see how it goes.  They are volunteer run so expecting anyone to spend a large amount of time perfecting their social media presence may not be realistic, but a few hours a week using a dashboard and scheduler I think would be very helpful and make a big impact for them and the community.



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