Success Stories of Personal Branding

Branding Success

When I think of branding, I think of three Facebook friends that have successfully branded themselves through networking and social media.  I am proud to have each of them as loyal Miche Customers.

Tara’s Story

First on the list is Tara Heinbuch, A.K.A. Stelllaa of Stelllaa Licious Soap.  Stelllaa  “got her groove back” in Cuba when she found her purpose in her life after her children moved out of the house.  A friend told her to stop giving her fabulous soap away for free and turn it into a business.  A year later, she has a successful all natural soaping business creating innovative scents using beer, wine, goat’s milk and essential oils.  Tara uses Social Media to promote her brand on Facebook with the use of a Facebook page.  Even though her name is Tara, people call her Stelllaa.  Tara has an orange Mini Cooper Convertible with the license plate STELLLAA. If you honk at Stelllaa she will throw soap at you, not just any soap Stelllaa Licious Soap.  She also makes soap for other companies to help them advertise their business.  Stelllaa uses Social Media to promote her business on Facebook and on her personal website and in real life she has a personality larger

Stellla soap

Carol-Chantal’s Story

Next on the list is Carol-Chantal Seguin who is the creator or WOW (World of Women).  Carol started WOW in Montreal and almost two years ago started the Ottawa Chapter.  I’ve been a member since it first came to Ottawa.  She also has a Facebook Group and they promote events using Facebook and Eventbrite.  After two years there are close to 1,000 members of WOW in Ottawa.  It is a networking group based on building strong relationships with other women entrepreneurs and helping each other grow and celebrate successes.  Carol plans to expand to many other cities in the future.

Linda’s Story

And last but not least, Linda Babulic who is a Personal Business Strategist and the author of “Zest Your Life“.  Linda is also the host of Momondays at the Heart and Crown on the second Monday of each month.  Linda has branded herself as being zesty and by wearing the color orange and driving an orange Punch Buggy.  I’m proud to say that Linda is one of my Miche Customers and she proudly promotes me at Momondays whenever I attend as you see in the featured image above (photo by Jon Babulic).  Linda is very successful at promoting herself and her events on social media by use of video and creative stories and photos.

Who do you know that has successfully promoted their brand?  I’d love to hear their story.

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4 thoughts on “Success Stories of Personal Branding

  1. I like reading about successful women. It always encourages me for something great.The women you described found their place in the society and Social media with things that someone might find boring (as soap making) or strange (like wearing orange). But they are so inspired and creative that look at it as a way to tell the world about themselves. Good!

    • When I think of Tara and soap making, the last thing I think of is boring. She is one of the most creative people I know. She has new creations each time I see her. She uses ingredients like beer, wine, goats milk. She uses essential oils to create scents that most of us would never dream of. She has expanded her business to bath bombs, shaving cream, lip balms and so much more and she is anything but boring!

  2. It’s encouraging to read about people who have been successful at branding not only their businesses but themselves. It sounds like these ladies are fully entrenched in their business and have incorporated their brand in their every day lives. I have a friend who has a successful fitness coaching business. She too often incorporates video in her social media posts to show that you can work out anywhere and gives her audience a sneak peek into her personal life to show that fitness goals are attainable even as a busy mom with a young family. When she shows us her workouts with children colouring in the back ground or doing meal prep with a two year old helping it helps the audience be able to relate.

    • Yes, video can be so helpful. I need more confidence in making videos but I’m sure with practice I will become more comfortable.

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