Growers Ciders

I do not work for the cider company Growers, but I think they are an interesting brand.



Apple-Melinda Phelan, March 21, 2017

In my research, I discovered that the majority age of light to heavy users of Growers brand consumers are predominantly women aged 45+ (average) and males of the same age range (Numeris, 2014). Also from looking at their demographic and psychographic profile on Numeris, they have a household size of between 1-2 people, no adult children at home (Numeris, 2014). Their education consists of a Highschool diploma and some college/university (Numeris, 2014).

The lifestyle trends they display are being conscientious of their health and wellness; they are socially active and crave engagement, they are also digitally savvy (Luke, 2014; Norris, 2015). They are also information seekers and comfort seekers (Luke, 2014).

Regarding their media consumption, they heavily consume TV, Digital, and Magazine (Numeris, 2014). According to ComScore, the digital online sites they visit most are Facebook with a 73.3% reach, Google, with a 94% reach in search, and Microsoft sites (E-mail and search) at 94% reach (ComScore, 2013).

Summing all the data up, I put together the key insights of the Growers brand consumer demographic:

Basic demo: Boomers and Seniors
They are a multi-faceted audience who are seeking consistency, engagement, and a healthy active lifestyle (Norris, 2015). They do not want to be considered “aged” and prefer to behave the opposite of how other generations perceive them (Norris, 2015).

Their media consumption habits gave me a clear set of tactics for choosing the right media vehicles to communicate with this demo. The first is TV via broadcast advertising, the second is Magazine which has the ability for pass-along readership as well, and the third is, of course, digital via search, display, and social media (Facebook) (Numeris, 2014).

Regarding the brand look and feel across these communications, I thought it should be bold and sophisticated but not ‘Old’ and outdated. Most alcohol brands I see advertised are clearly going for millennials, well, the Growers demo behaves younger than their biology dictates, but we do not want them to be confused as to whom we are targeting. If we incorporate women and men in the creatives who are between 35-45, it is a good way to make the brand feel young, but not too young. We want our ad communications to outline our “Get-To-Buy” which is:
GET all boomers and seniors TO engage with the Growers Brand BY making them believe it fits into their lifestyle and aligns with their attitudes.


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