COM0014 – Blog 3 – Spotlighting Canada’s Alternative Living Movement

When I was working as a reporter in rural Ontario, I had the opportunity to learn from several collectives of people who were living alternatively in every sense of the word. These individuals had their own way of cooperating, building homes, gardening, cooking, earning a living, as well as raising and educating children.


I was in awe that a person could:

So much to share Kids

For the last decade, I have wanted to travel across Canada and tell these kinds of stories – stories of people living authentically alternative lives and teaching others to do the same. I want to use my blog as a platform for people to teach their skills of homesteading, community building and living simply to Canadians of all ages, who are from all walks of life. I want to visit families, individuals, newcomers and communities in both urban and rural Canada where life is being lived a little differently than the norm. I want to write stories, features and profiles, shoot video, take photographs and write lists on everything from “how to” and “try it this way” to “never again.” I will also promote products and services that are truly valued by the people I visit – everything from healthy recipes and products to mindfulness techniques. I want to facilitate daily social media engagement that will offer everyone a chance to participate and teach one another. I also want to hear who and what inspires readers to grow towards their greatest good.

Target audience

My audience will have a passion for sustainability, healthy living, taking care of their families, their property and living consciously. I know that like myself, most Canadians do not want to give up their cellphone, Internet, running water or jobs. Many of the blogs I see are targeted towards Millennials finding themselves after exiting the rat race and living like nomads. I want my blog to also reach those who want to continue living in the norm but who are curious about “doing things differently.”


From my research, my audience profile is most likely betweeRrin the ages of 20 and 50; more often females with college and university degrees, who are holding managerial positions. My readers are modern, liberal, and innovative and often buck tradition. I feel the best way to reach my audience is through:

  • Captivating photography and video
  • Authentic, sharable and fact-finding blog posts
  • Product reviews
  • A directory of alternative businesses (grouped by region)
  • Lists! Who doesn’t love a good list in this demographic?
  • Social media – regular posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

I hope to capture the attention of more than just my target demographic and help educate Canadians on the many ways one can live a good life.


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